Black Out.



My New Little Friend

A couple weeks ago, my thumb started going numb. At the time that I’m writing this post (which is a part of my stockpile), my thumb is still numb.

Say hello to my little friend, Mr Wristbrace.

Isn’t he sexy?

I wear it at work, and when I’m typing my posts or editing my novel.

Until I put this little thing on, I had no idea just how much I used my wrists. It’s just not something that you think about. I haven’t worn it at work yet (see stockpile comment above), so that should be a rather interesting experience. Hopefully, it helps and I’m not stuck wearing this brace forever.

I think he needs something. Stickers or pins or an applique or something.

The Homework Board

When my sister and I were in school, my dad decided to go back to school himself. He spent a lot of his free time studying, but didn’t want to miss out on family life. He invented…

The Homework Board.

The original Homework Board was an old cutting board- a huge old cutting board. We all used that thing- it made doing homework on the couch or in the comfy living room chair so much easier. Someone- I don’t remember who- signed and dated the homework board. Eventually, we all started doing it. We added quotes, doodles, asked each other questions, answered questions, and so on.

My dad still has that board.

When my boys started school, I went looking for a board to use to make our very own Homework Board. I used a shelf from an old entertainment center, and explained the board’s purpose to the boys. Now, that board is their Homework Board. It’s not the same- they don’t doodle on it, they don’t write each other notes, they don’t sign and date it.

But we still use it.


The post in my stockpile for today was supposed to be about moving furniture and how I changed up my living room.

I changed my mind.

Today, I woke up and noticed that the space heater that I use to help keep the back rooms warm in the winter (the house definitely needs new duct work) wasn’t hot. It wasn’t even warm. That is a problem when you have three kids who refuse to wear socks in the house. So this morning, I hopped in my cute little red Audi and drove to Walmart.

I picked up the new heater, and then wandered the store for a bit.

I ended up in ladies’ wear. Which is where I saw them. Jeggings. In my size. Yesterday, I bought a cute little drapey top. I looked at the jeggings and thought about that new cute little top at home and my cute black boots. And how the entire outfit would just look adorable on me. So… I bought the jeggings.

This afternoon, I sat down to catch up on my blog reading and read this post by The Bloggess. And then I read this article that she linked. And then I thought about The Traveling Red Dress.

This time last year, you wouldn’t have caught me dead in jeggins or straight leg jeans or skinny jeans or anything that I couldn’t hide my fat ass, my tummy rolls, and my big feet. My ‘cute tops’ were tee shirts. Boring stuff, really. While I was reading the Forbes article, it hit me. I have my own version of the red dress, and I’m choosing to wear it, every day. I’m avoiding the tee shirt and jeans ‘mom look’ that I wore for so long, I’m shedding it and trying on something new and different.

And in order for me to do that, I have to face my demons. Yes, I’ve lost a shit ton of weight in the last year, but I’ve also faced the fact that I’m never going to be a size 2. If the weight loss were to stop now, I would be ok with being my size 16 self.

The red dress phenomenon is, for me, about accepting who you are, flaws and all. It’s not just rocking the red dress, it’s about facing the fact that at whatever age, whatever size, whether you are bald and wrinkly or hairy and smooth, you are still beautiful. There is something beautiful and amazing and wonderful about you.

So while I’m not wearing a red strapless ballgown, I am wearing jeggings and boots and a cute little top and I’m looking good. This outfit is my red dress.

Blogging Goals for 2012

I struggle with posting on a regular basis. I will ignore the blog for weeks on end, mostly because I can’t seem to find the time to post anything of any value.

Today, I’ve decided that I need to set goals for myself. I need to challenge myself. I can’t do NaBloWriMo, because it falls in November, and I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo at the time. 50k in a month tends to drain a person when they try something like that.

I survived Nano by setting daily goals for myself- 2k on days that I work, 4k on my days off. Since that’s a lot of words for one blog post, and it won’t be long before I’m doing some form of writing challenge (Camp Nano, anyone?), my challenge for myself is to have three posts a week ready to go.

I’m going to stock pile posts, and schedule them to publish on a later date. I’m going to look through my drafts folder and see what I have hiding there. And I’m going to try and find something to post about.

So, I apologize in advance for my inevitable ramblings.


It’s A New Year

This year, some of my favorite bloggers came out about their depression. Admitting something like depression- and in one blogger’s case, self-harm- takes a ton- a literal TON- of courage. To say ‘my life isn’t perfect’ takes a ton of courage. I started the year off crying myself to sleep every night, because something wasn’t… right in my marriage. Something was wrong, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I had contemplated asking my husband to leave- but I knew that whatever was wrong, could be fixed. He didn’t see things the same way, and on January 14th, he asked for a divorce.

So, basically, I started 2011 miserable. It sucked. It sucked great big hairy donkey balls. But… it got better.

I found the strength inside me to move on. I wrote my heart out in a pen and paper journal, because I couldn’t bare to write my feelings out in public on a blog. I had a hard enough time coming out with those feelings to my husband, when he found that journal and read it.

I barely remember January 14th 2011. I remember standing in the middle of my dining room, crying ‘nononono’ over and over again. I remember spending the day, cleaning and rearranging my room in a fog. I remember- and this I find rather funny, in a sad sort of way, having a conversation with the guy at the DMV. We’re both from the same town, and we were talking about the 2010 tornado that hit our town. I remember him saying that his wife was sitting out on the patio. It’s silly, but we don’t choose our memories.

I didn’t realize how bad I was until after Mike left and I started to heal. I don’t blame him- I really don’t. I started to get on with my life, still holding on to a little bit of hope that things would work out for the better between us, but I looked for a job, I spent time with my kids, I worked out a routine, I found myself again.

I got a job in March. And I fell in love with it. I love my job, I’m good at my job, and I have fun at my job.

In June, I had a date. We’ll leave it at that.

Life has gotten better. I have high hopes for 2012. It hasn’t started off any better than 2011, but I know, based on 2011’s experiences, that no matter what happens, I will survive, it will be okay.


Not Every Idea Needs A Tutorial

I love craft blogs. There are so many creative bloggers out there, and the ideas that they come up with are nothing short of amazing.

Today, on my daily journey through the world of craft blogs, I came across something that made me sit back and think.

First thought was- ‘What a neat idea!’

Second thought was- ‘Why did they write a tutorial?’

The concept was simple- take something, turn it into a chalkboard. If you add ‘chalkboard’ to the name of something, the first thing that most crafty people who read craft blogs is going to think is ‘chalkboard paint’. I saw the tutorial and thought that maybe I was missing a step, or that this person did something interesting.

Nope. Prime, two coats chalkboard paint, charge the chalkboard, add stickers.


This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen something like this. I was looking at food blogs and came across one that had a recipe for mint cookies. I had made them before, but wanted to see how this person made them. Turns out- she melted mint chocolate chips and dipped crackers in it.

If you’re going to do something simple, let’s try to not dumb things down for the readers. The blog that I read this morning with the chalkboard item, is one that I usually enjoy. This blog invites guest bloggers, and I love going and checking out their blogs and seeing what else they’ve posted. But this looks cheap, and uninteresting, and no, I don’t think that I’m going to check out your blog.

If you’re guest blogging somewhere, then at least offer something to draw me to your site. If you don’t have time for something new and different and innovative, then pick something from your archives (or turn the guest blogging stint down until you do have time for new and different and innovative).

I’m not a craft blogger- I tried and failed and now laugh at myself. But I am a creative person, and I love seeing what other creative people do. Don’t assume that your readers are idiots- assume that we’re creative people who want to do creative things and give us something that we may not have thought to do before. If you must include a tutorial, make it worthwhile.

I mean, stickers, really?