My name is Tracey, Mommy to my boys, Aunt T to my neices and nephews. I’m a SAHM. My boys are Cody, born 03/2000, Dylan, born 05/2002, and Evan, born 10/2003. I’m also mom to Rosie, our beagle (born 09/2005) and Monkey, our cat (born jan/feb 2006).  My dh is Mike, and we were married in 11/1999.

We live in illinois, where dh sells appliances, the boys play baseball and go to school and are involved in sunday school and cub scouts, and I attempt to become a homemaker.

I’ve only been a SAHM since 2004- before that, I worked full time. I enjoy sewing, crochet, knitting, crafty stuff, and laundry (yes, you are reading that correctly). I’m attempting to lose weight, but failing. I have a weakness for chocolate and cake batter, potato chips and dip, and I love to cook. I don’t love cleaning up after my cooking experiments.


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