Monthly Archives: March 2012

Holy Fuck, I’m Not Old Enough For This!

Cody turned 12 yesterday.

I’m not old enough to be the mother of an almost but not quite teenager.

Yesterday, Evan had his first baseball practice. When I dropped him off, another kid asked me something about Cody. I had to look at this kid twice- because the last time that I had talked to him, he had a little kid voice. Not anymore- his voice is deepening, and I realized that, at some point, Cody’s voice had also gone through this gradual change. Not quite a man’s voice, but not quite a little boy’s voice, either.

Cody is almost as tall as I am now. I can remember not being tall enough to see in the bathroom mirror without standing on the bathtub when I was Cody’s age. Cody has been able to see in the mirror for awhile now (same mirror). He wears a bigger shoe size than his father now, and can get away with wearing Mike’s clothes (they’re only a little big on him).

He asked for new shoes for his birthday. Gone is the boy who would play with toys- now his toys are baseballs, bikes (he’s up to seven), and video games.

He still plays baseball. Still claims to be a White Sox fan (but we all know better).