Hell Week

For the last three weeks (I think. January is nothing but a blur of ‘work, cleaning, work, cub scouts, work, work, work’), I have tried to stick to a three day a week schedule. To do that, I decided to write posts ahead of time. It was past me, talking to future audience. It was almost like time travel!

And it worked out great. I would write 3-4 posts on the weekends or days off, depending on when those days were. I’d schedule the post for whatever future date I was aiming for, and then grin when I hit that little ‘schedule’ button, because I had a blog post completed and I was happy. One less thing to worry about, and I felt like I was being productive.

And then… Hell Week.

I have them every couple of months of so. It’s the week when the house is a disaster and it absolutely needs cleaned because you are positive that it’s starting to smell funky, the week when you’re working four 9-hour shifts in a row, with no break, oh- and you’re a freaking cashier the entire time (I love my job, I love my job, I love my job), two boys have den meetings, as well as separate den field trips on the same day, at the same time, and oh, by the way, mom and dad are both working so it’s up to Gramma to get them there on time, the third child has boy scouts and all three kids have school and a ton of homework and on top of all that crap going on- you just don’t feel like doing jack shit.


I’m in the middle of Hell Week right now.

Not to mention, I’m reading a webcomic’s archives straight through because I am just dorky enough to do that (btw- I want a Choo Choo Bear plushie. Bonus points if you know who Choo Choo is).

Oh. And Castleville. I’m playing a lot of Castleville right now.

But that’s not that point. The point is- life is super duper busy right now, and I’m just barely keeping my head above water. Writing and posting posts for today and Friday? Yeah, wasn’t going to happen.

Ok, so Friday’s post probably won’t happen, since I’m posting today.

I’m hoping that my house will sparkle on Friday, because I work early on Saturday (love my job, love my job, love my job), and then I’m off Sunday which hopefully means writing some bloggy goodness. And if it doesn’t? There’s always Tuesday, since Hell Week will be long over by then.

At least… until baseball season starts.

Lord help me.


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