Painting (Damn, It’s Hard To Type In This Brace)

(If I slip up and stop capitalizing letters, it’s because I’ve given up on trying to reach the shift key while wearing this damn brace. I apologize in advance.)

I bought a set of acrylic paints to use with the boys’ Pinewood Derby cars last week. The next day, I bought some canvas panels to paint, and now I’m all happy because I’m painting. Yay me!

Tonight, I brought out the paints and my work in progress, and began painting. Soon after, Cody got his paints out, his easel, and his canvas and he started painting. Then Evan and Dylan joined in. We had our own little painting party going on in the dining room.

Evan and Dylan, painting on the floor.

Cody painting at the table. Ignore the mess that is my dining room table, I’m in the process of moving things around in there.

I’ve decided that I need a craft space. Since the dining room is already home to my sewing cabinet, and we don’t eat in there except on rare occasions, I’m going to turn it into a crafty space. There’s a desk in the right hand corner just out of the picture that I want to use as my craft ‘station’, which right now would consist of paints, brushes, and canvases. I’ll get before and after pictures once I actually get around to doing it, probably tomorrow. Or Thursday. Hell, I may just wait until this weekend, since I have the whole damn weekend off.

I want something that is easy to change up, as my tastes in crafts change. Some crafts don’t need a station- my knitting and crochet projects fit nicely in my cute purple owl purse, or any of the baskets and totes that I have stationed around the living room. My sewing projects need their own space- which is why i have a sewing cabinet. But things like painting? I want a nice set up to where I can enjoy it.

Right now, I plan on getting a table top easel to use on the desk itself. I want jars to hold brushes, a box to hold my paints, and some way to store blank canvases that won’t damage them. Right now, my blank canvases are chilling in the box that my laptop came in. Handy, but butt ugly.

Maybe I’ll decoupage the box…


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