So Much I Want To Do, So Little Time

I joined Pinterest as a place to keep track of everything that I want to try, hoping that it would work a little better than my previous method of ‘bookmark it and forget it until I go to clean out my bookmarks and either go ‘Wow! Gotta try this!’ and keep the bookmark, only to forget about it again or go ‘Holy hell, what was I thinking???’ and delete the bookmark’.

Yeah. Nothing has changed except that now people can see my procrastination quirk.

There are a lot of crafts that I would love to try. I bought a set of acrylic paints, and some brushes, and some canvas this week. I am going to paint something! But there’s also jewelry making- I’m going to buy myself the tools to make purty eye candy for my neck and wrists. Oh, and I’d love to learn how to spin my own yarn.

I have dyed yarn before- and had a ball doing it. My son’s Cub Scout den is going to an alpaca farm next month, and I’m hoping to tag along and check out the yarn offerings. I’m hoping to find some undyed yarn, and- barring that- undyed roving that I can then dye and then learn how to spin into my very own yarn.

Pinterest has caused another little problem. I spend time on their, repinning crap that I may or may not try. Today, I found a pin of a book shelf made out of an old step ladder. I’m already wondering where I can find a vintage wooden step ladder that I can take apart and turn into a bookshelf.

Never mind that I cleaned out my previous book shelf because it’s not needed anymore.

Also- vintage wooden step ladder doesn’t match my current decor of ‘shit my kids haven’t ruined yet’. But hey, they’ll move out eventually.

Pinterest is also a big time waster for me- I should be cleaning my dining room and moving furniture, instead, I’m screwing around on Pinterest looking for anything interesting to try (and discovering that some people have really, really crappy taste).

I wish that I had more free time to try all this stuff, but then it’s probably a blessing in disguise that I don’t have enough time to try this stuff. It keeps me from wasting money on crafts that I frankly suck at. And I’m sure that there’s a few of them.


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