Playing With Facebook’s Timeline Feature

I’m bored and up with a nasty head cold, so what am I doing?

I’m wasting time on Facebook. I like the new timeline (I know that people hate it- but I like it and don’t care), and one thing that I like about it is that I can relatively easily go back and read all my status updates using my activity log. There are some status messages that I should have explained in more detail…

9/12/2009: you know it’s going to be a long day when the boys argue over Derek Lee before 8am…

But what I am really doing is going back and picking my favorite status updates for 2011. Which I am now going to share with you, my imaginary readers.

1/25/2011: “dylan just asked cody ‘what took you so long, mr fuzzy pants?’ i think that cody now has a new nickname- ‘mr fuzzypants’.”

2/1/2011: “is worried about cody. he wants to see the justin bieber movie.”

2/4/2011: “Cody and Dylan both have nebulas in the back of their throats…”

2/11/2011: “just once i would like a morning where i don’t have to hunt for evan’s shoes.”

which was, oddly enough, followed up by this one:

2/12/2011: “poor evan- woke up sick this morning. :(”

which was then followed by this one:

2/12/2011: “been a scary hour- evan’s fever spiked at 104.5, thank God it came back down with tylenol and a bath. it’s now 103.1.”

I’m no longer going to complain about having to hunt for shoes every morning (mostly because I don’t have to. But still.)

2/28/2011: “Cody says that I can trust him with a $20… Yeah, don’t think so.”

3/1/2011: “evan just asked me for a raise… should i tell him that we don’t give raises to people who dump cups of water on their brother’s head?”

3/5/2011: “i leave the room to answer my phone, and when i come back, cody has tied up evan. not sure that i want to know what happened while i was out of the room…”

3/15/2011: “‎9 years, 2 months, 1 day, 5 hours, and 30 minutes until Dylan turns 18 and can legally move out of the house… i’m going to need a LOT of alcohol”

3/17/2011: “got a job, got a job, got a job!”

3/24/2011: “me: cody, bedtime. cody: i’m at war, there is no bedtime. i almost regret having mike hook the ps3 up again…”

4/11/2011: “The Easter Bunny is going to have to be careful… Evan and Dylan are planning on setting up the PS3 Move camera so that they can ‘catch’ him…”

4/20/2011: “Cody says that you’ve got to use the dazzle dazzle in baseball… I think jazz hands were also mentioned…”

4/26/2011: “Evan apparently did not talk today at school. He saved up all of his words for me- the child has not shut up since he got in the car…”

4/26/2011: “Dylan: Noun.
Evan: Eye.
Dylan: Stop putting eyes! It’s not going to be funny!
Evan: Fine, animal.
Dylan: Too late, I already put eye…

5/6/2011: “Evan: It’s been 20 years since I got my casts! Yeah, I think he’s ready to get them off…”

5/8/2011: “Cody: Evan, who is a better brother, me or Dylan?
Evan: Me.
Cody: No, who is a better brother? ME or DYLAN?
Evan: Me.
Cody (finally catching on to what Evan is doing): Evan, who is a better brother, Cody or Dylan?”

5/23/2011: “Evan went to the zoo yesterday. When I asked him this morning how his trip was, he said ‘I saw a rhinoceros poop!'”

5/30/2011: “Cody: You can’t take away technology!
Me: Wanna bet?”

6/6/2011: ”

Dylan: (at 9:55) When can I go to Grandma’s?
Me: 11.
Dylan: When’s that?
Me: about an hour.
Dylan: (at 10:00) Has it been an hour yet?
Me: No.
Dylan: (at 10:05) Has it been an hour yet?
Me: No.
Dylan: (at 10:10) Has it been an hour yet?
Me: No.
It’s going to be a long 45 minutes…”
6/7/2011: “i’m sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when dylan starts shooting lego guys at me… not sure what the lego guy did to deserve being shot across the room”
7/22/2011: “Me: Ok, boys, get ready to go.
Cody: Where are we going?
Me: We’re going to walmart to get Avery’s birthday present.
Cody: Aww… do i have to go?
Evan: Why do we have to go?
Dylan: Woohoo! Walmart!”
8/11/2011: “i’m not sure if i should be proud that my 2nd grader kicked my butt at Scrabble Apple or embarrassed…”
10/13/2011: “me: what are you two doing in there?
dyl: we’re fi…. playing with legos! yeah, we’re playing with legos!
as if i don’t know that he was going to say ‘fighting’…”
11/7/2011: “Mom: Don’t you yell at me.
Evan: That’s not a yell, that’s an attitude.”
11/18/2011: “Me, after putting 6 gingerbread man shaped marshmallows into Evan’s hot chocolate: You’re drowning 6 gingerbread men.
Evan: I don’t care, they deserved to die.

sometimes i wonder about this child…”

12/11/2011: “the boys have decided that they like manicotti. they have informed me that i need to make cheese stuffed tubes of pasta again.”




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