My New Little Friend

A couple weeks ago, my thumb started going numb. At the time that I’m writing this post (which is a part of my stockpile), my thumb is still numb.

Say hello to my little friend, Mr Wristbrace.

Isn’t he sexy?

I wear it at work, and when I’m typing my posts or editing my novel.

Until I put this little thing on, I had no idea just how much I used my wrists. It’s just not something that you think about. I haven’t worn it at work yet (see stockpile comment above), so that should be a rather interesting experience. Hopefully, it helps and I’m not stuck wearing this brace forever.

I think he needs something. Stickers or pins or an applique or something.


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mother. queen of the house. likes sparkly stuff because sparkly stuff is boy repellent. especially if it's pink sparkly stuff. View all posts by fallyn96

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