The Homework Board

When my sister and I were in school, my dad decided to go back to school himself. He spent a lot of his free time studying, but didn’t want to miss out on family life. He invented…

The Homework Board.

The original Homework Board was an old cutting board- a huge old cutting board. We all used that thing- it made doing homework on the couch or in the comfy living room chair so much easier. Someone- I don’t remember who- signed and dated the homework board. Eventually, we all started doing it. We added quotes, doodles, asked each other questions, answered questions, and so on.

My dad still has that board.

When my boys started school, I went looking for a board to use to make our very own Homework Board. I used a shelf from an old entertainment center, and explained the board’s purpose to the boys. Now, that board is their Homework Board. It’s not the same- they don’t doodle on it, they don’t write each other notes, they don’t sign and date it.

But we still use it.


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