Not Every Idea Needs A Tutorial

I love craft blogs. There are so many creative bloggers out there, and the ideas that they come up with are nothing short of amazing.

Today, on my daily journey through the world of craft blogs, I came across something that made me sit back and think.

First thought was- ‘What a neat idea!’

Second thought was- ‘Why did they write a tutorial?’

The concept was simple- take something, turn it into a chalkboard. If you add ‘chalkboard’ to the name of something, the first thing that most crafty people who read craft blogs is going to think is ‘chalkboard paint’. I saw the tutorial and thought that maybe I was missing a step, or that this person did something interesting.

Nope. Prime, two coats chalkboard paint, charge the chalkboard, add stickers.


This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen something like this. I was looking at food blogs and came across one that had a recipe for mint cookies. I had made them before, but wanted to see how this person made them. Turns out- she melted mint chocolate chips and dipped crackers in it.

If you’re going to do something simple, let’s try to not dumb things down for the readers. The blog that I read this morning with the chalkboard item, is one that I usually enjoy. This blog invites guest bloggers, and I love going and checking out their blogs and seeing what else they’ve posted. But this looks cheap, and uninteresting, and no, I don’t think that I’m going to check out your blog.

If you’re guest blogging somewhere, then at least offer something to draw me to your site. If you don’t have time for something new and different and innovative, then pick something from your archives (or turn the guest blogging stint down until you do have time for new and different and innovative).

I’m not a craft blogger- I tried and failed and now laugh at myself. But I am a creative person, and I love seeing what other creative people do. Don’t assume that your readers are idiots- assume that we’re creative people who want to do creative things and give us something that we may not have thought to do before. If you must include a tutorial, make it worthwhile.

I mean, stickers, really?


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