The Hunt For The Elusive Costume

Last fall, Mike got an iPhone. He downloaded Angry Birds, and let Evan play.

From that moment on, Evan was hooked. He loves Angry Birds. He even found that he could play it on my computer through Google Chrome. He’s played it on his great-grandmother’s iPad, two different iPhones, and various computers. He sees the toys in Walmart, and wants one. He wants to buy an Angry Bird for Wilson (Grandma’s dog) to play with. We have discussions about Angry Birds.

So, this year, Evan decided that he REALLY wants to be an Angry Bird for Halloween. And I’m thinking ‘Perfect! I should be able to find an Angry Bird costume for him, since it’s such a popular game!’


Today, we began our journey with me, Dylan and Evan. We headed for Joliet, because I knew that Walmart didn’t have any child sized Angry Bird costumes (Walmart did have the adult sized costume). We started with a costume store- nothing. We found Dylan’s Gryffindor robe and Cody’s Hannibal the Cannibal mask, though.

We went to Party City next. They had the adult costume. No child sized ones. We found Dylan’s Harry Potter glasses and Gryffindor scarf, though.

We tried Target. We stopped in to see Mike at work. We then decided to head home, switch cars (had Mom’s truck) and see if we could work with the adult costume at Walmart.

We then stopped at Walgreens, thinking that maybe we’ll get lucky and find an Angry Birds costume. Nope- not lucky.

At Walmart, the adult sized costume was way too big for his 8 year old body, but then I saw it. The Angry Birds mask. Evan tried it on- and it fit! (I knew that kid had a big head…) We squealed, and did the happy dance right inside Walmart. We then discussed making his body the sling shot- using black sweats (no brown to be found), and some fabric that I have at home. Perfect!

We were so happy, and were in Angry Birds mode, so we bought two pie pumpkins, some red paint, some green paint, and decided to make some Angry Birds pumpkins. Evan’s large pumpkin is the red bird, the two pie pumpkins we painted green and turned into pigs.

And now all is right with the world and we’re all set for Halloween.

And next year? We’re shopping in September.


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