Monday Ramblings: It’s My Armrest, Dammit

I have ‘My Spot’ on the couch. It’s the best spot to sit- perfect view of the TV, a tv stand nearby for the laptop, a dining room chair to put my feet up on (note to self: an ottoman would make a great Christmas gift), there’s also the end table by the couch, which is perfect for holding whatever crap I need close by and an armrest for my right arm.

My goal here is to not have to move much once I actually sit down (cause, really, I don’t sit down all that often). This last week, I’ve had plenty of time off and I’ve felt like crap, so I’ve kinda holed up on my couch, in My Spot, with my laptop, my ereader, coffee, and my blanket.

And, apparently, my cat.

Monkey has decided that The Place to sleep is that armrest. So, every day for the last week, Monkey and I have had words over this armrest. I get up, he plops down. I move him, he hangs on for dear life. I manage to get him to move, gently place him on the floor, and he’s right back up on that armrest. I move him again, hurriedly place my arm down, and he will sit on the floor, and stare at me.

We finally reached a compromise. He’s on the armrest, but farther back, so that I can still use it.

But I’m afraid to get up. Cause I’m sure that he’ll move as soon as I do. And all this will repeat. Again.


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