Crafty Friday

I love crafty stuff, the problem is that I tend to find crafty stuff to do online, bookmark it, and then, well, just not do it, lol.

Once every few months or so, I will go look at my crafts bookmark folder and see what all I’ve bookmarked. I’ll clean out the stuff that I will never do (the ‘what the hell was I thinking?’ purge), and find a treasure or two that is totally feasible, and then… completely forget about them.

In order to keep that list of ‘Things to Do’ from overflowing, I’m going to pick one project, link it here, and then, hopefully, actually complete the damn thing. Hopefully.

This week’s project goes along with my door decor challenge. Yay! I was looking through my craft folder and came across a post about a thumbtack wreath that would be perfect for my November door decor.

Autumn Gold Thumbtack Wreath by Madigan Made

What I like about this project- it’s easy and cheap. Not to mention, I can find all the supplies at the Dollar Tree. Bonus!


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