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The Hunt For The Elusive Costume

Last fall, Mike got an iPhone. He downloaded Angry Birds, and let Evan play.

From that moment on, Evan was hooked. He loves Angry Birds. He even found that he could play it on my computer through Google Chrome. He’s played it on his great-grandmother’s iPad, two different iPhones, and various computers. He sees the toys in Walmart, and wants one. He wants to buy an Angry Bird for Wilson (Grandma’s dog) to play with. We have discussions about Angry Birds.

So, this year, Evan decided that he REALLY wants to be an Angry Bird for Halloween. And I’m thinking ‘Perfect! I should be able to find an Angry Bird costume for him, since it’s such a popular game!’


Today, we began our journey with me, Dylan and Evan. We headed for Joliet, because I knew that Walmart didn’t have any child sized Angry Bird costumes (Walmart did have the adult sized costume). We started with a costume store- nothing. We found Dylan’s Gryffindor robe and Cody’s Hannibal the Cannibal mask, though.

We went to Party City next. They had the adult costume. No child sized ones. We found Dylan’s Harry Potter glasses and Gryffindor scarf, though.

We tried Target. We stopped in to see Mike at work. We then decided to head home, switch cars (had Mom’s truck) and see if we could work with the adult costume at Walmart.

We then stopped at Walgreens, thinking that maybe we’ll get lucky and find an Angry Birds costume. Nope- not lucky.

At Walmart, the adult sized costume was way too big for his 8 year old body, but then I saw it. The Angry Birds mask. Evan tried it on- and it fit! (I knew that kid had a big head…) We squealed, and did the happy dance right inside Walmart. We then discussed making his body the sling shot- using black sweats (no brown to be found), and some fabric that I have at home. Perfect!

We were so happy, and were in Angry Birds mode, so we bought two pie pumpkins, some red paint, some green paint, and decided to make some Angry Birds pumpkins. Evan’s large pumpkin is the red bird, the two pie pumpkins we painted green and turned into pigs.

And now all is right with the world and we’re all set for Halloween.

And next year? We’re shopping in September.


Monday Ramblings: It’s My Armrest, Dammit

I have ‘My Spot’ on the couch. It’s the best spot to sit- perfect view of the TV, a tv stand nearby for the laptop, a dining room chair to put my feet up on (note to self: an ottoman would make a great Christmas gift), there’s also the end table by the couch, which is perfect for holding whatever crap I need close by and an armrest for my right arm.

My goal here is to not have to move much once I actually sit down (cause, really, I don’t sit down all that often). This last week, I’ve had plenty of time off and I’ve felt like crap, so I’ve kinda holed up on my couch, in My Spot, with my laptop, my ereader, coffee, and my blanket.

And, apparently, my cat.

Monkey has decided that The Place to sleep is that armrest. So, every day for the last week, Monkey and I have had words over this armrest. I get up, he plops down. I move him, he hangs on for dear life. I manage to get him to move, gently place him on the floor, and he’s right back up on that armrest. I move him again, hurriedly place my arm down, and he will sit on the floor, and stare at me.

We finally reached a compromise. He’s on the armrest, but farther back, so that I can still use it.

But I’m afraid to get up. Cause I’m sure that he’ll move as soon as I do. And all this will repeat. Again.

Crafty Friday

I love crafty stuff, the problem is that I tend to find crafty stuff to do online, bookmark it, and then, well, just not do it, lol.

Once every few months or so, I will go look at my crafts bookmark folder and see what all I’ve bookmarked. I’ll clean out the stuff that I will never do (the ‘what the hell was I thinking?’ purge), and find a treasure or two that is totally feasible, and then… completely forget about them.

In order to keep that list of ‘Things to Do’ from overflowing, I’m going to pick one project, link it here, and then, hopefully, actually complete the damn thing. Hopefully.

This week’s project goes along with my door decor challenge. Yay! I was looking through my craft folder and came across a post about a thumbtack wreath that would be perfect for my November door decor.

Autumn Gold Thumbtack Wreath by Madigan Made

What I like about this project- it’s easy and cheap. Not to mention, I can find all the supplies at the Dollar Tree. Bonus!

My Front Door Challenge

I love looking at design/decor blogs, and now that it’s fall, many of them are posting their favorite seasonal wreaths, complete with tutorials.

I also love the seasonal mantels, but, alas, I don’t have a mantel to decorate. *Sigh*

So, instead, I look at front doors, and oo and ah and say ‘I can do that!’ And, every year, I put up my jacko’lantern door thingamajig and my grape vine angel with the gold bow and call it good.

But… not this year. In fact, I have an idea for this year. This year, starting on November 1st, I’m going to make a new door decor each month, and I’m going to share it (hopefully. You all know how I am when it comes to follow through on some things… Nano… p365… ahem).

I’d start with this month, but I like to enjoy my door decor for an entire month (or reasonable close to it- I’m thinking of those holidays that are in the middle of the month, and I don’t like keeping decor up past it’s expiration date…).

And, maybe, some day, I’ll have a mantel (even if it’s a fake one) to decorate and I won’t focus so much on the damn door…

How I’m Finally Going To Win Nanowrimo

The point to Nanowrimo is to write a 50k word novel in just a month.

And ever since I discovered Nano way back in 2003, I have done my best to actually complete the task. And, some day, I hope to actually make it to the December revisions…

I look back at why I ‘failed’ each time I tried. I failed the first time because, experienced mother that I was, I wasn’t an expired writer mother. I don’t think that I even had a blog at the time…

I failed in 2004 because I went from a full time working mother to a full time stay at home mother and had to battle feathers (long story, actually won me a book once. I’ll have to tell it to you some time).

I can’t remember why I failed in 2005. I think I got bored with my novel.

I took 2006 off, and tried again in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Thought about doing it last year, but didn’t remember until halfway through the month of November and besides, that’s also when I was dealing with the pre-separation ‘what the fuck is wrong with me that my marriage is failing’ bullshit. This year, though, I am determined to win. Here’s my strategy…

  • I’m giving up sleep for the month. Sleep is overrated. I’ll survive on Starbucks Mocha Mint frappucinos and hope that I don’t start hallucinating.
  • I’ll get the boys’ homework for the month of November from their teachers now, and do all the work myself. Then, if they have a question, I can just point to the homework that I completed and say ‘There’s the answer.’
  • Peanut butter and jelly and potato chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • I’m going to make a laptop tray for work. Like those things that the beer vendors use at baseball games, only mine will hold my laptop, my Starbucks Mocha Mint frappucino, some extra hangers (for work), and a huge sign reading ‘writing in progress, do not disturb.’
  • I’m going to skip bathing. I’m sorry.
  • I’m setting up shop in the bathroom. Why get up when I can just type away from the toilet?
  • I’m getting the laptop tray for the car. Cause that just makes sense.
  • I’m going to communicate via text message… but only at 8am and 8pm. And only for 15 minutes. Then it’s back to writing.
  • I’m contacting the networks and asking that they show ONLY reruns in November.
  • Thanksgiving is cancelled.
  • So is Black Friday.

Stain Gazing

My house needs work. This is no secret. The bathroom door doesn’t latch (thanks, Evan, for locking yourself in that room when you were two), the handles on both screen doors are broken and don’t latch (I see a theme here…), Dylan’s room is missing the door knob (definite theme-age going on), there’s a giant hole in the living room ceiling thanks to Mike falling through said ceiling (and allowing an old NKOTB night shirt to come drifting down), and let’s not forget the rotting floor in the kitchen.

Yes, I know that it needs work. And yes, I’m putting it all out there. Hello, this is my house. And it sucks.

But sometimes, you just have to laugh at all the little problems.

Like, for example, how I’m going to miss the water stains on the bedroom ceiling when I finally get the ceiling replaced. Shortly after we moved in, Mike and I spent an evening picking out the faces that we could see in one of the stains. There’s an old man, a gorilla, Abe Lincoln, and Bart Simpson up there. Turn 90 degrees, and there’s a whole new set of profiles.

The other day, I was laying in bed and looking at the ceiling, saying good night to my friends on the ceiling, when I noticed something else that is up there.

I thought, ‘no, that can’t possibly be what I think it is. I’m seeing things.’

Then I realize that yes, it IS what I think it is, there is no unseeing what has already been seen. So I turn 90 degrees and look again and…

Yep. There’s a giant vagina on my bedroom ceiling.

I’m thinking that the ceiling will be the first to go… I can deal with the rest, but a giant vagina isn’t the last thing that I want to see every night before I go to bed. *sigh*