Why I Will Never Be A Craft Blogger…

Dylan has wanted to play a musical instrument for years now. Part of the fourth grade curriculum at my boys’ school is to teach the kids to play the recorder. Dylan has been looking forward to this year, not only to learn how to play the recorder but because later on this school year, he’ll have the chance to pick out a ‘real’ instrument to learn to play (and he has his heart set on a trombone).

Now, Cody did all this last year. Cody survived, but he has zero interest in playing musical instruments. His recorder is barely touched (I swear), and rather than buy Dylan a new one, I’m having him use Cody’s. He wanted his own, and I told him that Cody’s is becoming Dylan’s, and that there’s no point in me buying him a new one when we all know that Cody has all the musical ability of a tone deaf cat. Dyl agreed, and to sweeten the deal for him, I offered to make him a new carry ‘case’ for it.

Dyl cheered right up at that.

So off I went to Walmart, where I bought a 1/4 yard of black and white fabric with musical instruments on it and a 1/4 yard of cord. I chose this fabric because of the trombone- I pointed it out to Dyl and he was ecstatic.

I thought that this would be a great way to get me into craft blogging. Here’s a simple project, could even be sewn by hand, etc. But… I figured out why I will never be a craft blogger.

I didn’t take pictures of the entire process, lol. I have a shot of supplies, a shot of ironing, and a shot of the finished product. Oops! Bear with me- it’s been awhile since I’ve written a tutorial, and since it was almost 1am when I started working on this bag, I may skip a step or two!

The first thing that this project needs is a snappy name…

Marching To His Own Beat
a simple carry bag for a recorder

The supplies


1/4 yd fabric of choice (I found this musical instrument motif fabric at Walmart for $4 a yard.
1/4 yd cord, ribbon, yard, etc that matches your fabric.
sewing machine
not pictured: loop turner/knitting needle, crochet hook/something to thread the cord

1: With right sides together, iron your fabric so that the fold is nice and crisp. The fold will be the bottom of the bag.

2. I used my recorder as my guide to measure the width. I made the bag wider than the recorder, so that it’s easy for small hands to get the recorder out of the bag.

3. Use the recorder to measure the height of the bag. Cut, and then fold the top layer down, iron flat, and then sew to create the casing for the cord. Repeat for the other side.

Measuring the height of the recorder

4. Pin and sew both sides of the bag. Don’t sew all the way up- start sewing under the stitching for the casing. Reinforce this stitching by stitching forward and backward a few times, then sew down to the bottom of the bag.

5. Using a loop turner or (if you’re like me) a knitting needle, turn the case right side out.

6. Using a crochet hook or some other item, thread the cord through both sides of the casing, tie the cord in a knot.


7. Insert recorder and enjoy!

Ready for school!


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