It’s That Time Of Year Again

Harvest Days is this weekend, and that means one thing in the eyes of my boys…


The last two days, that is the only thing that the three of them have talked about- which rides they’re going on, how many times they’re going to ride them, which friends will be there and at what time and by what ride are they meeting.

Even wearing my long sleeved shirt, a tee shirt, and a sweatshirt, by the end of the night, I was frozen through.

And we still had to walk home.

But- I did get some pretty cool pictures out of it. In July, I played around with some long exposure effects during the Fourth of July fireworks show.

Fireworks display- taken 7/4/2011

One of my boys running through the yard with sparklers, 7/4/2011

I loved how the 4th of July pictures turned out, and wanted to try the technique out on something else. Knowing that it’s hard to get good shots of moving carnival rides, I thought that I would try out the long exposure technique and see what I got.

First shot that I was happy with- Wipeout, 9/15/2011

Zero Gravity- 9/15/2011

Swings And Zero Gravity, 9/15/2011

Because it was 6 when we got there, and still light outside, I did take some ‘normal’ shots as well.

Zero Gravity, 9/15/2011, I used PW's Boost and Seventies Actions on this one.

The Edge, with my 7yo on it, 9/15/2011, PW's Boost and Sunshine Actions

Wipeout, 9/15/2011, PW's Boost and Sunshine Actions


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