Owie!!! P365 3/23 and 3/24

Yesterday was my first day at work. At 4, when I got off work, I checked my messages to find a missed call and two texts from husband, telling me to stay in town and to call him when I get off work. So- that is what I do. I find out that Evan is in the ER!

He fell from the top of a 10 foot tall slide yesterday afternoon. He was in pain, limping, and he had hit his head. So, of course, husband took him to the ER to get checked out. I’m so glad that he did.

When I got there, I saw my little boy looking so small and in a lot of pain, watching Spongebob (big surprise) in a hospital gown.

After waiting forever, the nurse came in, checked him out, and we waited some more. The doctor came in, and Evan told him what happened. He was playing on the slide with another kid, Evan was on the side of the slide (not how you’re supposed to be on the slide!), the leg that was on the slide slipped over the side, and he was dangling there, by his arms (have you stopped breathing yet? Because this is the point where I stopped breathing). Other kid tried to get him back on the slide, but Evan slipped off and fell, anyway. The doctor ordered xrays, and left the room. He had pictures taken of his bones, and after everyone looked at them, the nurse came back with stuff.

He has two (yes- TWO) broken wrists!

He also did a number on his face- poor baby!

And today, he had his casts put on. He chose one red and one black, and he has a silver metallic marker for kids to sign them with. He’s not too sure about being ‘helpless’ right now, but he’s enjoying the attention.


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