The Joys Of Single Motherhood

There has been a change in my marital status, one that I’m just now coming to terms with. So, to save space and because I’m not going to discuss it here right now, I’m just going to say that I’ve been a single parent for two months now.

This morning, I had a job interview. It went well- and while the job is only part time, I’m ok with that. After I got home, I took one look around my house, sighed heavily, and then sat down while I figure out what to do about it.

What I decided to do is what any, normal, red blooded blogger who doesn’t give a rat’s behind (OR has a reason) would do. Which is, of course, to blog about it. With pictures.

I. Am. Shameless.

The first joy of single motherhood is the sheer amount of school work that is generated by three kids. Oh, not just helping with said schoolwork, but what do you do with it when it comes home? I threw it away- until Dyl noticed and asked me why I didn’t keep his school work, because, after all, he is Dylan and therefore I should want to keep his school work.

Here, you can see Evan’s school work turned into a cozy cat bed. On my couch. This doesn’t show the school work on the living room floor, the desk and piano in the dining room, or the school work spread out through the house.

Cody made their lunches this morning. This is Cody’s daily chore- it’s not a hard one, spread some of the Smucker’s Goober pb&j on a piece of bread, slap another piece on top of it, stuff the whole thing in a baggie, add some chips or applesauce, fruit or pudding, and a drink and he’s done. Yet… every morning, Cody and I argue over this chore. I’m thinking of trading him- he can scrub the toilet and I’ll make the lunches from now on.

But the joy here isn’t that my kids do my work for me, the joy is the fact that this mess is sitting on my favorite part of the kitchen, the pull out cutting board (seriously- I love this thing. I don’t even use it as a cutting board, I use it as hide-away-counter space). This mess will sit there until Cody gets home from school and gets all his whine out and he cleans it up. So, hopefully, it will be cleaned up before he turns 18.

Yet one more joy- laundry. Clean laundry. Sitting on top of my dryer. Why is it on top of my dryer? Because kids don’t see the empty basket sitting in front of the dryer, waiting for these clothes. This is what happens when they can’t find a pair of socks, and go hunting. My clean clothes end up sitting on top of the dryer.

And, finally, the last joy of single motherhood for today. A busier schedule. All that stuff there? All of it is my responsibility. All of it. *Sigh*


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