P365: Why?

I’ve always loved photography. I used to love looking through my mom’s photo albums as a little kid, I loved taking pictures in high school, and I haven’t been without a camera since. I even enjoy looking at photo albums that don’t belong to me- ones where I only know maybe one person in the entire photo album. Photos fascinate me.

It’s taken me a long time to figure out why- why do I want to look at these pictures? Why are they fascinating? The answer is simple- photos are a glimpse of not just other people’s lives, they’re what someone else is seeing at a specific moment in time. We may not understand why someone felt the need to snap a picture at that moment in time, but the point is- something at that specific moment was important enough for someone to want to capture it forever. Some pictures are self explanatory- a child with a birthday cake, a woman in a bridal gown, a young man in a cap and gown, holding up his diploma. But most pictures aren’t- the meaning isn’t clear.

For me, that doesn’t matter. The beauty is in not knowing- just knowing that the person or place or object was important to someone at the time the picture was taken.

That is what my P365 is about- showing what is important to me, at any given time. I won’t explain everything. Not everything needs explaining. So yes, you may see pictures of billboards advertising shamrock shakes (which, btw, is even MORE evil since they are now OUT of those shakes), or pictures of my cat or dog, or even pictures of my kids. There will be landscapes, there will be foliage. And there will be things that are funny to me- but maybe not so much to you.

That is my challenge this year- to focus on my pictures. Some will be decent. Some will suck. And that’s ok.




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