Playing With My New Toy

Last week, I got an iPhone. It’s not the latest and greatest, but it will do. So what if I can’t facetime? I have an iPhone!

So I’ve spent this last week adding and playing with apps. I have discovered that there is nothing that I won’t download and play with. An app that keeps track of my cash? Oh boy! An app that keeps track of my period? Awesome! An app that gives me only one freaking filter for pictures? You bet!

I have deleted more crappy apps this week than useful (and fun) apps that I’ve kept.

I downloaded and fell in love with Instagram yesterday.

Sure, I can get more effects using photoshop on my computer. But I have an app for that now! I don’t need to put the pictures on my computer, play with them in photoshop, and then upload them to facebook or twitter or flickr or whatever.

This little app has inspired me to work on a Project 365 (again). That picture of my cat above was my first post in the project. Today’s picture:

My ‘theme’ (one that has undoubtedly been done before, I just don’t care about being original when it comes to this) is 365 pictures taken with my iPhone. I’m hoping that since my phone goes everywhere with me (yes, even the bathroom), that this time I will actually finish this project.

I also got the wordpress app, which comes in handy for adding pictures to the gallery on wordpress so that I can type up my posts on my laptop, but not have to plug my phone into the computer to get the pictures first. I tried to type a post, but typing an entire post on an iPhone just doesn’t appeal to me. Sorry, don’t need a Damnyouautocorrect moment on my blog.


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