Monthly Archives: January 2011

The Carhartt Saga

So, Cody’s Cub Scout Den had a camping trip the first week of December. We wanted him to be warm, and we wanted a coat that would stand up to ‘boy’. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that my parents splurged and got him a Carhartt (for those not in the know- Carhartt stands for ‘really tough, expensive tan jacket that will outlast human life on Earth as we know it’. Yes, my 10 year old son’s jacket cost more than my cute little red wool one).

He wore that jacket every day from the moment he got it until the week before Christmas. He received a fleece lined hoodie that he’s been wearing ever since, once or twice, he paired it up with the Carhartt. So, really, it wasn’t surprising to see him wearing this hoodie or the plain black one that I bought him, and not wearing the Carhartt. I didn’t think anything of it.

That is- until dh went to take the boys sledding last Wednesday. He asked where it was. We thought it might be at Grandma’s, because it wasn’t here. It wasn’t at Grandma’s. Grandma panicked, wondering if he had left it in the apartment that my brother in law used to live in but no longer lives in. I panicked, wondering if he left his jacket on Dad’s trailer while plowing one day, and it flew off the trailer when Grandma and Grandpa went to move brother in law out of that apartment. We thought that it was buried under the snow, left at church, left at best friend’s house, left at brother’s girlfriend/best friend’s house, left at the Lion’s Club Hall in a town 30 miles away…

Dh and Grandpa were angry about it. Grandma and I were upset. Cody didn’t seem to really care.

Over a year ago, our Xbox died from Deadly Red Ring Of Deathitis. It was a painful, slow passing. Luckily, dh had won a shiny new PS3, so we didn’t really ‘need’ the Xbox. We figured that we’d eventually replace it, get one with a larger hard drive, get one with the Kinect bundle.. And tonight, we asked ourselves ‘why?’ We play the PS3 more often, we’re starting to get a nice little collection of games, and honestly? The only ones that we really miss at the Lego games, which we can get for the PS3. So we spent the last hour, searching all over the house for Xbox games and controllers, cleaned everything up, with the plan to take them all to Gamestop and get some store credit.

While I’m in Cody’s room, looking for the Rockband Guitar, guess what I found? In a tote? Under Cody’s video game chair?

The Lost And Expensive Carhartt That Was Not Left In Someone’s Former Apartment, Or Left On The Trailer, Or Out In The Snow.

And now, all is right in the world.