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What To Do With All This Ham

Every Christmas, Mike’s employer gives him a 10 pound ham. Usually, we donate the ham to our Christmas dinner, but this year, we opted to keep it (good thing, too, since Mike didn’t bring it home until Sunday night).

So- that is my goal for this week. To come up with a list of lunch and dinner friendly leftover ideas.

Yesterday was the first day of Ham Madness. I baked the ham, and made two meals out of part of it.

The first meal is a quick and easy favorite of my boys- perfect for those nights when we have very little time to cook.

Mac And Ham

-2 boxes of macaroni and cheese. We used the shells and cheese version.

-2 thick slices of ham

Prepare mac and cheese according to the instructions. Cube the ham into bite sized pieces, making sure to remove the ‘rind’. Once the mac and cheese is cooked, with the cheese stirred in, add the ham and mix well. Serve warm, with rolls and salad of choice.

Other options- use your favorite mac and cheese recipe, but add the cubed ham before baking.

Quick And Easy Ham Salad Recipe

-1/2 mayonaise

-2-3 slices of ham (about an inch thick), cubed

-1 small onion, or 1/2 of a large onion, cut into chunks.

Add everything to your food processer. Blend into well mixed. Serve cold on warm toast. Store in an air tight container in the fridge.

Tomorrow’s recipe- Ham and Egg Salad