Monthly Archives: November 2010

All He Wants For Christmas Is…

All that Evan wants for Christmas is World Domination and a Lego Set.

You wouldn’t know that there’s a future dictator in that body. But, apparently, ruling our house isn’t his loftiest goal in life.

I always knew that he’d be a politician some day…


All Hallow’s Eve- Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit

So, I got back in scrapbooking again the last couple of weeks. Which lead to, naturally, designing. Since I don’t sell anymore (considering going back to it, but not just yet). After playing around, I created this kit and decided that I’m going to share it.

I changed my design name (needed a change), and it feels… weird. I liked designing under my name, but wanted something ‘cute’. It’s amazing how all that marketing stuff comes back- I found myself thinking about which sites to post the kit to, where can I go to post in a gallery or message board…

It’s also amazing how quickly I remembered that I really disliked that part, which is why All Hallow’s Eve is a freebie and I haven’t gone store shopping.

Moved to my new blog: Over The Moon Designs

And a quick layout that I made using it tonight:

So- enjoy!