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Candy Monsters! Rawr! (Includes A Rant!)

Yet another Halloween over.

Cody was a Zombie Baseball Player.

Dylan was Harry Potter (note to self: I hate black spray hair paint).

Evan was Ironman.

And now- for the rant.

Selfish parents. Oh, not the type that takes things from their kids (like Halloween candy). No, I’m talking about the type that will put an infant that can’t walk or talk or eat anything that doesn’t come from a boob or bottle and trick or treat. It’s one thing when you have an older child and an infant- another when you don’t have an older child and are obviously trick or treating FOR YOURSELF.

We had a set of these parents. There were two, they were together. The dads pushed the strollers, carrying their sleeping children, who may or may not have been wearing costumes. The moms walked to the door, held out brown paper lunch bags, and begged for candy.

If you’re going to trick or treat for yourself, at least have the decency to dress up. Or dress the kids up. Or go when it’s not the child’s naptime so that I can ooh and aah over the adorableness in the stroller (I did a lot of that tonight).



We carved pumpkins last night. This is the first year that we gave Cody total control over his pumpkin. Which worked out great, with only one very minor lesson in ‘which way the sharp side of the knife needs to point’. Cody did great- he free handed his pumpkin (that’s his pumpkin up above). Mike helped him with the horns (yes, they look like cat ears. But they’re horns, people, HORNS).

He even has a little screaming lego guy inside his pumpkin.

I helped Dylan and Evan with their pumpkins- all while braving Mike’s commentary and ‘want me to help you round that out?’ Which, of course, made me want to scream ‘IT’S A FREAKING PUMPKIN!’ But I refrained from screaming at him and instead politely refused.

And this is how you can tell that three boys live in our house on Halloween night. We have the very popular Puking Pumpkin this year.

This is also a lesson in why you don’t let your 10 year old son help your 7 year old son find a pumpkin design on Google Images.

But- we’re not all scary here! Oh no, Dylan’s pumpkin idea is really kinda cool, and I’m quite proud of it. Introducing…

Harry Potter! Harry obviously drank too much pumpkin juice, and managed to turn himself bright orange. Or maybe he was hexed and turned into a gourd. Note the wand. Which Mike added, using one of my crochet hooks.