A New Bag Of Tricks and How I Explained Sewing To A 10 Year Old Boy

Remember this fabric? Sure ya do, since I only posted about it the other day. Remember that color, because the next pictures somehow ended up darker than intended. *sigh*

So, it’s not perfect. But I’m proud of it. *puffs out chest* If I had to do it over again, I’d change how the handles attach, but eh- I kinda like them now that I’m not pinning and sewing them on.

Wanna giggle? Check out my mad pocket making skills:

And yes, the bag is lined in the same fabric. I can think of a dozen things that I would change about the bag (pleated section not quite as tall, top section a little taller, etc), but I’ll survive.

I did the majority of the work while the boys were at school. Ah, the long, stress free days of a stay at home mom whose children are in school full time. This helped stave off boredom and  a nap that would have kept me up until 2am, which would mean being sleepy until noon the next day, and therefore, nothing gets done.

Today, however, I went ahead and finished sewing after the boys got home from school. Which peaked Cody’s interest (probably stalling because of homework). So I had to explain how a sewing machine worked, when I know very little about it myself.

I don’t think that I actually made my goal of explaining it adequately, but I’m pretty sure that Cody made his goal of stalling.


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