Replacing Buttons And Oh How I Love The Remnant Bin

I hate sewing buttons. With a passion. As much as I dislike sewing them on with a machine, I absolutely hate sewing them on by hand. It’s really a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils- do I deal with a sharp needle in my clumsy hands and possibly get blood stains all over Mike’s work shirt (which defeats the purpose of me fixing the damn thing in the first place) or do I deal with the fussiness of placing the button just sew and hoping I don’t break a needle in the process?

So- that is what I did today. Yeah, it’s not much, but it’s something, so I’m counting it. I doubt that I will post this to the linky, but I just might (should I not complete five other projects this month. And hey, it’s sewing, it involved thread and a sewing machine, and it’s a project that I’ve been sitting on for months (literally)).

See? Missing button. As it turns out, it’s more than a missing button. Apparently, Mike ripped it off hard enough that he tore the shirt. Ignore the frayed bits along the edges- not something that I’m going to fix. I’ll just buy him a new shirt when this one completely wears out.

The finished product: after sewing the hole (I just used a simple zig zag stitch to close the hole), I sewed the button on.

This prompted me to look through my stash. I love the remnant bin. I seem to always find a yard (some times a little more sometimes a little less) in the remnant bin. I don’t tend to do big projects- small bags, an apron or two, and rarely do I need more than a yard of fabric.

I found the fabric for my pleated bag in the remnant bin:

Nothing fancy, but it is heavy weight fabric (which I need because of all the crap necessities that I carry with me every day). I got a start on the bag today. I’m adapting a tutorial to suit my needs: World Domination Bag. I will eventually make my own World Domination bag, but I have a set of handles that I want to use, and I’m looking for a smaller bag, and I’m not using her pattern pieces for it. But the look is close enough to this bag that I won’t be posting a tutorial or anything (not to mention I suck as a seamstress). I chose the heavier fabric so that the bag holds it’s shape while carrying all of my stuff. I’m planning on lining it with the same fabric, because I’m cheap, I want to get this done, and well, I’m also lazy and have no plans on hitting up the remnant bin this week. So.

While I was digging through my stash, I came across this vintage curtain panel:

It belonged to my great-grandmother, and I have happy memories of these curtains. I can’t use them- not only are they the wrong size, but I only have the one panel and it’s not entirely in the best shape:

Holy threadbare curtain, Batman!

I had originally planned on turning the curtain into a bag of some sort, but it is very (very) thin. I’m considering fussy cutting the birds out and using them as an appliqué on a bag. I put this curtain on my to do this for the month. I love those birds, and I want to use them, darn it!


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