Monthly Archives: July 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

It came in the mail today- that reminder that my lazy summer days are about to become hectic summer days.

Baseball has been done since June 26th. Up until then, we had at least six games a week (minus the week of the tornado). I had three weeks ‘off’- three weeks to vegetate, get my house in order, enjoy time with the boys. What have I done since baseball started?

Diddly and squat. *sigh*

I am making headway on the kitchen. Today, I scrubbed the counters, washed dishes, and took garbage out. Yay me! Tomorrow, the goal is to actually get the kitchen floors and cabinets scrubbed, so that I can spend some quality time in my laundry room on Wednesday.

But back to my reminder. In the mail today was a little postcard reminding me that Cody and Dylan start the summer reading program on the 20th. I keep looking at the calendar, thinking ‘what the hell? Baseball just ended! We didn’t get to do this! Or that! Or the other thing!’ Granted, the reading program is only three days a week, for an hour and a half in the morning, but it means getting up early, because I’m going to try and get Cody in the habit of bathing before school, and I’m just not ready for that yet.

It’s also the first reminder that we’re going on vacation in August, and that school starts shortly after we get back. It means that I have to buy school supplies and school clothes (thank God for a wonderful mother in law who bought vacation wardrobes for the boys, vacation wardrobes that they can wear to school for the first few weeks).

It means that I will soon have to start packing, and I’m no where near ready for that just yet. I still want to make a bag for our trip- a tote large enough and sturdy enough to hold my laptop, a book (or two), sunglasses, and other assorted stuff for our trip. I have the fabric for it- I just need to buckle down and actually make the bag.

Apparently, my lazy days of summer have been too lazy.