It Pays To Pay Attention

Did I ever share the story of our trip to a computer store 45 minutes from home? No? It’s quite funny, so I’m going to share it now.

About 6-7 years ago, we had a computer. Well, Mike had a computer. This was before I had my very own computer or my nice spiffy laptop. Mike liked to take it apart and ‘upgrade’ it and do things to the insides (which usually ended with the computer crashing and me losing all of my photos and scrapbook layouts). For a few weeks, the computer would shut itself down out the nowhere. Mike would open it, look at it, shrug, and put it back together. After it shut down on him for the last time, he picked it up, told me to pack up the kids (or kid- I can’t remember if we had Dylan yet or not), we were going to take it to this computer shop that he knew about. The shop was 45 minutes away, and he sat with the computer on his lap for the entire trip.

We got there, Cody had to go to the bathroom, so Mike took him while I waited for the guys to look at his computer. The guy picked it up, heard a delightful little ‘ping ping’, and gave a meaningful look at his coworker. They took it to the back counter, and opened it up… and they started trying not to laugh. They walked over to me, and handed me a screw. A small, metal screw. They were still trying not to laugh, but when I started giggling, they just let it fly.

When Mike came back, the three of us were giggling uncontrollably, and I handed him the screw. He looked at it, and asked me where it came from. I explained that it came from the computer case. It was INSIDE the case. You could see it dawn on Mike- the source of the computer shutting down was this little screw touching some sensitive part on the motherboard and shorting it out. We weren’t charged for that trip- except the gas to get there. Mike promptly forgot, but I recently had reason to bring it up and remind him all over again that sometimes, it pays to pay attention.

A few weeks ago, we signed up for AT&T internet. We had to run a new phone line for it, and Mike was able to get it installed and hooked up just fine. Except… the internet would up and die on us for no reason. He was on the phone with AT&T, they suggested a myriad of ways to fix it, and then said that they’d send someone out. The next day, the guy comes out, takes a look at the box outside and finds… that Mike didn’t tighten a screw.

So basically- AT&T charged us $60 to tighten a screw.


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