It Came Back!

Tuesdays are busy days for Cody. He gets up, goes to school, goes straight to the After School Program, and then goes to Cub Scouts. He does not get home until about 6pm. At this point, I’m really hoping that he doesn’t have baseball practice on Tuesdays.

So it’s really no wonder that he managed to lose his backpack a month ago, on a Tuesday.

We checked both churches, and the school’s lost and found. We cleaned the house top to bottom. No backpack. It was gone. Inside the backpack was his lunch box, his school agenda (which I have to sign every night), his spelling workbook, and two of his folders. Oh, and his Bears hoodie. The lunch box and agenda and folders can be replaced easily. He’s been using photocopies of the spelling workbook and he had to redo the homework that was in the backpack at school. I would have been bothered by the hoodie, if I had known that it was in the backpack in the first place.

We got all that stuff replaced, and moved on. It was just a backpack, not really the end of the world.

Until yesterday. When he came out of the school with, of all things, his backpack.

He got everything back- yay! Unfortunately, he lost the backpack before he conquered his nasty little habit of leaving his lunch garbage in his lunch box. Yeah- it wasn’t pretty. That day, he didn’t feel like finishing off his sandwich. Moldy pb&j isn’t a pretty sight…


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