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Who Is This Child And What Has He Done With My Son?


Baseball season has started. Cody has practice on Sunday, Dylan has practice yesterday, Cody has practice today, and Dylan has practice on Wednesday. Games start in a month- which means that I’ll have a game AND a practice on Mondays, practice on Tuesdays, games on Wednesdays (maybe practice- not sure on that one yet), games on Thursdays, and games on Saturdays.

And we have yet to have a schedule for tee ball.

I lost my card reader (it’s around here somewhere), otherwise I’d have pictures to post.

Dylan’s first practice was yesterday, and he… well, he needs some practice. He needs to work on throwing- right now, because a coach told him to step when he throws, he steps, looks at his toes to make sure that he stepped, then throws. No aim. The ball goes in any direction it feels like, whether or not the person Dyl is throwing to is there to catch the ball.

Oh- and he had to ask where the infield was.

Cody seems to be more comfortable with baseball this year, which is good. He has more friends on his team this year, which he’s loving.

Cody turned ten yesterday. I did not know that ten was the magic number for learning responsibility. It’s like the responsibility switch in his brain was turned on as soon as he turned ten. Yesterday, he came home and immediately went outside to clean the backyard. Not the ‘clean the backyard’ nine year old definition (which is tell Mommy that he’s cleaning the backyard but in reality he’s riding his skateboard/bike up and down the alley), but the ‘clean the backyard’ responsible grown up definition (which is grab a garbage can and start filling).

Then- he gave James some oyster crackers. James dumped them on the floor (James is two, btw). Cody immediately, without being told to do anything at all, grabbed the broom and dustpan and cleaned them up.

Finally- a half hour ago, I got a phone call from a private number (which is the grade school usually). I can’t answer, as I only have about 20 seconds of time left on my phone (don’t get me started on that little beauty), so I let it go to voicemail and then check the message. Cody was calling to let me know that a- there is no after school program this week (which, duh, I already knew) and b- he is walking home from school today.

Now, yesterday, we had a chat about letting me know when he’s going to walk home. He can either tell me before school or he can come out to the car after school and tell me. I have no issue with him walking, unless we have plans. But I sat here with my jaw hanging wide open for about five minutes, because this is not the Cody that I’ve lived with for the last 10 years. Oh no, this is a brand spanking new Cody.

I’m hoping that he doesn’t lose his mind once he really discovers girls.


It Pays To Pay Attention

Did I ever share the story of our trip to a computer store 45 minutes from home? No? It’s quite funny, so I’m going to share it now.

About 6-7 years ago, we had a computer. Well, Mike had a computer. This was before I had my very own computer or my nice spiffy laptop. Mike liked to take it apart and ‘upgrade’ it and do things to the insides (which usually ended with the computer crashing and me losing all of my photos and scrapbook layouts). For a few weeks, the computer would shut itself down out the nowhere. Mike would open it, look at it, shrug, and put it back together. After it shut down on him for the last time, he picked it up, told me to pack up the kids (or kid- I can’t remember if we had Dylan yet or not), we were going to take it to this computer shop that he knew about. The shop was 45 minutes away, and he sat with the computer on his lap for the entire trip.

We got there, Cody had to go to the bathroom, so Mike took him while I waited for the guys to look at his computer. The guy picked it up, heard a delightful little ‘ping ping’, and gave a meaningful look at his coworker. They took it to the back counter, and opened it up… and they started trying not to laugh. They walked over to me, and handed me a screw. A small, metal screw. They were still trying not to laugh, but when I started giggling, they just let it fly.

When Mike came back, the three of us were giggling uncontrollably, and I handed him the screw. He looked at it, and asked me where it came from. I explained that it came from the computer case. It was INSIDE the case. You could see it dawn on Mike- the source of the computer shutting down was this little screw touching some sensitive part on the motherboard and shorting it out. We weren’t charged for that trip- except the gas to get there. Mike promptly forgot, but I recently had reason to bring it up and remind him all over again that sometimes, it pays to pay attention.

A few weeks ago, we signed up for AT&T internet. We had to run a new phone line for it, and Mike was able to get it installed and hooked up just fine. Except… the internet would up and die on us for no reason. He was on the phone with AT&T, they suggested a myriad of ways to fix it, and then said that they’d send someone out. The next day, the guy comes out, takes a look at the box outside and finds… that Mike didn’t tighten a screw.

So basically- AT&T charged us $60 to tighten a screw.

It Came Back!

Tuesdays are busy days for Cody. He gets up, goes to school, goes straight to the After School Program, and then goes to Cub Scouts. He does not get home until about 6pm. At this point, I’m really hoping that he doesn’t have baseball practice on Tuesdays.

So it’s really no wonder that he managed to lose his backpack a month ago, on a Tuesday.

We checked both churches, and the school’s lost and found. We cleaned the house top to bottom. No backpack. It was gone. Inside the backpack was his lunch box, his school agenda (which I have to sign every night), his spelling workbook, and two of his folders. Oh, and his Bears hoodie. The lunch box and agenda and folders can be replaced easily. He’s been using photocopies of the spelling workbook and he had to redo the homework that was in the backpack at school. I would have been bothered by the hoodie, if I had known that it was in the backpack in the first place.

We got all that stuff replaced, and moved on. It was just a backpack, not really the end of the world.

Until yesterday. When he came out of the school with, of all things, his backpack.

He got everything back- yay! Unfortunately, he lost the backpack before he conquered his nasty little habit of leaving his lunch garbage in his lunch box. Yeah- it wasn’t pretty. That day, he didn’t feel like finishing off his sandwich. Moldy pb&j isn’t a pretty sight…