Of Mice And Presents And Anniversaries

Tomorrow is my 10th anniversary, and no, we aren’t doing anything to celebrate tomorrow. We went out to eat Tuesday, though. Mike drank half a bottle of wine and then we went shopping… Not a good idea usually, but when you get something that you want for one of your kids, something that was rather expensive and Mike would have vetoed it had he been sober, you just have to run with it. So- yay! We started christmas shopping!

I had been telling him for a few days that Monkey hadn’t left me any ‘presents’ yet. Every other cat that we’ve owned growing up brought presents- dead (or, in the case of one cat, LIVING) mice and birds. Heck, we had a dog that would leave headless bunny corpses for us (not sure I want to know what happened to their heads… I’m perfectly fine imagining him lining them up as trophies in his doghouse rather than what is most likely the truth).

This morning, I woke up early to go shopping with Mom. I got what I wanted to get (yay!), Mom got what she wanted to get (yay!), and now it’s just filler for the boys. Then I came home to find…

A dead mouse in front of my kitchen sink, on the floor. First of all- it was Monkey’s first mouse. He was proud of himself, following me into that kitchen with a smug ‘look what I did’ look on his face. Now I know why he was hiding out in the lower cabinets and I had to let him out when I closed one of the doors. Second- I’ve found that I don’t like these presents, but I have to tell him that he’s a good kitty anyway, so he doesn’t leave them hidden behind the fridge or the stove for me to find when there’s a funny smell in the house. Third- I’m really glad that it was dead and Monkey wasn’t playing with it and that he had chosen the kitchen rather than the couch for the mouse’s ‘final’ resting place.

Yesterday, we had dinner with the inlaws and tomorrow we have dinner with my family. So far, I’ve made pumpkin dip and I’ll make crab rangoon for tomorrow, and then tomorrow morning, I’ll get up early and make cheesy ranch potatoes for dinner. I would have made crab rangoon for the inlaw’s, except that my Walmart apparently decided their shoppers don’t want egg roll or wonton wrappers. Or tofu, either. I even asked if they had tofu (because asking for ‘wonton wrappers’ requires me explaining that they’re usually by the tofu, and then I get the ‘eureka!’ light bulb moment when the employee says ‘tofu? why didn’t you say so?’), and was told that they don’t have tofu anymore. Oh-kay.

I did find egg roll wrappers at our local grocery, and they’ll work in a pinch. I’ll just have to cut them up and make slightly smaller crab rangoon.


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