His Shoes Aren’t To Blame

hd03Meet Dylan.

He’s my stubborn, picky child. He’s also my dramatic Drama King. He’s also musical, silly, best friends with everybody in his class. He calls dolls ‘bobos’ because of his first bear, Bobo. Which he got when he was 5 and had pink eye. He hates ketchup and rice, won’t touch taco seasoning, and was the King of Temper Tantrums until he was 5 and Evan realized that temper tantrums are rather fun and if you scream loud enough, you may just get what you want (or at least get out of cleaning a room). Btw- Evan was four at the time.

He also can’t tie his shoes.

Every Monday, Dylan’s teacher sends home a folder with his work from the previous week. This week, there was a note in that folder. Yes, Dylan needs to work on his handwriting (what second grader doesn’t?), but the note also said that he needs to learn to tie his shoes (agreed) because it slows him down in the hallways (not agreed).

Uh, I live with the child. I’ve seen him run from one end of the house to the other in untied shoes. He can keep up with the class while walking with untied shoes. He does just fine when we’re walking home from school.

Dylan won’t learn to do something unless he’s forced to learn something. He’s not going to learn to tie those shoes because Mommy and Teacher wants him to learn to tie his shoes (and we do). He’s not going to get all excited and happy and sit down with me to learn how to tie his shoes, because he wants to be the one to come to you and say ‘teach me to tie my shoes’. Believe me- I’ve tried.

So now I’m kinda stuck here. I could continue leaving them as is, and reminding him that he has tied them before and he can try to tie them again (he claims that they won’t stay tied) or I could fix the laces so that he doesn’t have to tie them, which means that he won’t learn to tie his shoes.


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