Little Miss Homemaker Makes Lunch

Money is tight with payday two days away. We’re out of bread, and I still have to make the boys’ lunches for tomorrow, so I figured that today would be a good day to bake a loaf of bread.

I have a hard time keeping the stuff to bake cookies on hand (gee, wonder why that is), but I always seem to have the stuff to bake bread. My priorities are in the right place, obviously. I even got to feel like Suzie Homemaker, seeing as how the paddle for my bread machine is missing (I think I threw it away by accident, go me), I had to mix the stuff with my handy dandy candy red Kitchenaide stand mixer. I even used the dough hook to knead the dough. I mixed it all up, kneaded the dough, let it rise, kneaded it some more, then set about baking it in my handy dandy not candy red bread machine. I goofed there, though. I didn’t cook the bread long enough, and had to let the machine cool down before I could finish baking it. But for an hour and a half, the dining room smelled like fresh baked bread. Yummy.

After finishing it, and batting Mike’s hands away from it (sorry, but this bread wasn’t for him, since he’s the reason we are out of bread two days before pay day), I set it in the cabinet to cool.

In the meantime, I decided that I wasn’t done. I went from Suzie Homemaker to Maude The Perfect Mother Who Thinks She’s Better Than You. Not that I do. I don’t. But that is what I felt like. I grabbed three potatoes, and our Titan Peeler (which, btw, Mike bought because he saw it on TV and I have to say that it is the greatest thing ever made, even though we’ve both cut ourselves using it), and sat down to slice up some shoestring potatoes. Mike decided that he could do it better (he really just wanted to play with the peeler. Most kitchen gadgets he gets bored of, but the peeler? A ten dollar tool? He’s in love with it), and he peeled the potatoes. But, shhh. We won’t tell the boys’ that.

Then I deep fried the potatoes in vegetable oil, and salted them a touch, and put them in baggies. So my boys will have lunch made with homemade bread and homemade shoestring potatoes. And I’m envisioning that I’m just the coolest mom ever, and someday, the three of them will turn to their wives and say ‘Mom made us sandwiches with homemade bread and homemade shoestring potatoes for our lunches, you should do that for our kids’ and I’ll get the Daughter In Law Look Of Doom that tells me I did my job well and she can only hope to live up to my high standards (I kid… maybe).

We went out to Mom’s for the evening, and I didn’t get around to putting their lunches together until a little bit ago. And I realized one teeny tiny flaw in my evil plan.

Homemade bread is too big for my sandwich bags. Which means that while my kids will have the homemade stuff tomorrow, they’ll have the homemade stuff in the only bags that I had available.

Gallon sized freezer bags.

I really shouldn’t try to be Maude the Perfect Mother. I should just settle for Marge The Mediocre mother. At least then, I wouldn’t fret that my boys are going to be laughed out of the lunch room tomorrow.


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