Saturday, October 31st, 2009.

7am: Boys are up. I’m up. Boys are happy. I’m not. It’s too early to be up on a Saturday, especially since we left the house at 10am the previous morning and didn’t get home until 11pm the night before. Tired? No. We were exhausted.

8am: Mike leaves for work, leaving me home alone with two cheerfully excited little boys and one sulky not quite a preteen.

9am: Cleaning. We need to clean. No clean, no Halloween. (hey, that rhymes.) Boys start off enthusiastic.

10am: Enthusiasm has worn off. They’re tired. Crabby. Want to watch Saturday morning tv. Don’t want to watch Hannah Montana. Realize that we’re still cleaning. Suddenly, Miley Cyrus is ‘cute’ and ‘we love Hannah Montana.’ Mommy sighs.

11am: Power Rangers. Seriously? POWER RANGERS? It’s still on the air? Three boys, who have never, ever, ever watched Power Rangers sit glued to the tv, piles of trash surrounding them. We’re still cleaning, ain’t much getting done, obviously. At this point, we’ve heard ‘it’s halloween’ forty thousand times.

12pm: lunch. Dylan begins putting his stuff together. Cleaning still not done.

1pm: Gramma will be here in an hour and a half, cleaning finally finished, boys fed, staring at costumes. Cody grumbles- wants to go off on his bike. Not happening, as I’m not sure if he’d return.

2pm: Costume time! Captain America- check. Optimus Prime- check. Cody’s mask- only if I want to lose a finger. I’d rather keep my finger, decide to try again later.


230pm: Pictures taken, Gramma and Grampa show up, Cody finally puts on mask without threatening any of my appendages. Allows two pictures, removes mask.

halloween033pm: Driving around, not seeing many lights. Find some, let the kids out, Cody immediately takes off. See his back for the next few hours, except when we get in the car to head to another side of town.Evan and Dylan begin complaining about legs hurting, which translates into ‘let’s sit in the car and eat candy.’ They have yet to figure out that the longer they go, the more candy they get.

4pm: Finish one street, time to move to another. Hit the scary house, Evan and Cody go in, Dylan refuses. I spend another year on the other side of the fence, wondering if I’ll be able to go in next year (it’s that cool). Hit the ‘rich’ part of town- better candy. More kids. More lights. More complaints of being tired, but they’re getting quieter. They’re starting to see that they have a lot of candy, and are thinking that a little leg pain is worth it.

5pm: Mike gets home, we decide to take on one more street. Cody suddenly decides that trick or treating with Daddy is cool. I see more of him from the car than I did in the previous two hours. Complaints of leg pain non existant. Complaints of heavy buckets starting to pick up, but are easily remedied by dumping buckets into bags.

530pm: Decide to take the kids to another town. Say goodbye to Gramma and Grampa, the boys pile into our car, we make up a plan to see if Gramma Vicky recognizes the boys.

6pm: Arrive in other town, park around the corner, let the boys walk up. Cody removes his mask before Evan and Dylan get there. Sulky 9 year old ruins all the fun- again. Evan and Dylan see tons of lights, want to go trick or treating. Cody opts to stay and pass out candy with Gramma Judy.

Sugar highs are starting to kick in, E and D start chatting with every person they get candy from. Cody decides to go trick or treat by himself (apparently he decided that he didn’t want less candy than E and D).

7pm: We’re done. No more. Kids could go all night, but the grown ups are finito. We head back to Gramma’s house, boys start devouring candy. Adults start stealing sneaking pieces. Kids start getting wild.

8pm: Time to head home, Mommy cuts off the candy for the night. Doesn’t work.

9pm: Attempt to cut off the candy again. Doesn’t work.

915: another attempt. Guess what happened?


Sunday November 1st 2009, 7am: Three kids wake up. Three kids all still have sugar highs. Mommy makes an executive decision- no more candy until Monday.

It lasts until 5pm Sunday evening.

God help their teachers today.


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