Why Do We Do This Again?

2009-0830Yesterday, we took Evan and Dylan to the health department for their vaccinations. I’ve been through this before- so I insisted that Mike come along for the ride.

Side note: why is it that I always make a wrong turn when going to the health department? It’s not like I’ve never been there before- multiple times, and for a month earlier this year, I was there at least once a week. Never fails- I always take at least one wrong turn, and realize that I’m headed the wrong direction as I’m making that turn. I really shouldn’t be surprised, it took me 10 years to remember who to get to Mike’s grandmother’s house…

Anyway. Got to the health department, and it was a mad house. They were giving out H1N1 vaccines and regular flu shots and it was the third Wednesday of the month, which is, of course, Vaccination Wednesday (hence- why we were there). In the past, I’ve gone in just as soon as they opened, and been in and out and done in less than five minutes. So this time, I waited a little bit. Surely, they wouldn’t be that busy.

Yeah, silly me. Should have remembered that it’s not just an flu season, it’s the flu season from hell. We got there shortly after 9am, and it was packed. Packed. People and kids everywhere. Standing room only. We had to take a number, which we’ve never had to do before.

While we were sitting there waiting, I was watching the kids go in with happy smiles on their faces and walk out with red rimmed eyes and cheeks still wet with tears. I had to remind myself why we do this, why we make our kids get shots. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it’s scary. But the fact is without those shots, kids could get sick. Kids could get really sick. And a few seconds of pain and maybe a small bruise is so much better than watching a kid suffer from a flu that is killing people or a disease that could leave you paralyzed.

I’m getting off my soap box now, I promise.

We waited for our turn, and when they called us back, I breathed a sigh of relief, because we had managed to make it through the waiting process without terrfying the kids in the waiting room with tears and screaming. Yes, it was a real fear. Remember, I had been through this before.

So- we go back to get our shots. We decide that Dylan can go first. Mike sits down, puts Dyl on his lap. Dyl starts shaking. Then he starts screaming. And I do mean SCREAMING, straight out of a slasher flick screaming. Evan starts to run. I grabbed him, he’s pulling on me, I pick him up and hold him, and he squeezes me tighter and tighter and tighter. This was all in the span of a few seconds, and as soon as Dyl was finished, he stood up, with tears in his eyes and said…

‘That didn’t hurt.’

*Sigh* Evan, of course, didn’t hear that. Evan had to be peeled off me and handed to Mike. Evan screamed through the first shot, and then asked with tears running down his face if the second shot was going to hurt, because the first one didn’t. His second shot did hurt, and he’s still milking it for all it’s worth today. He can’t walk today, because his ARM hurts.

At least we’re done with shots for a little while.


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