Happy Fun Time Sing Along

2009-0916Dylan is my musical child. He loves his toy piano, he likes to sing (especially in the bath tub), and would be perfectly happy if he got nothing but musical instruments with Harry Potter toys for Christmas and birthdays (side rant here: why are there no Harry Potter toys?)

He is so enthusiastic about singing that he can get his brothers to sing along with him, even Cody, who doesn’t dare do anything that would make him look ‘uncool’. He managed to get both Evan and Cody to sing I Wear Short Shorts (from the Nair commercials) a few weeks back. Granted, he only sings the one line, but still.

The other day, the boys were in the dining room, singing. ‘I am an awesome God.’

Yes, ladies and gents, I have given birth to three Gods. (for the record, the correct lyric is Our God Is An Awesome God. It’s a Sunday School song that the boys like.) I find it oddly hilarious that they get that one wrong, but yet- they get I Wear Short Shorts right…


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