Where Did My Baby Go?

I’m sick. I feel like crud, would much rather crawl back into bed and sleep for forty-seven million years, but I can’t, because I have the faint beginnings of a headache and I know that if I go to sleep now, I’ll wake up with a migraine.


candleYesterday was Evan’s 6th birthday.

This: 03-02has turned into this:

0065A six year old with crazy eyes.

He had a ball yesterday. He got some new games, a new Cubs jacket, and legos. He also got some clothes, but being a 6 year old boy, he didn’t really care for those. But the best present that he got?

dealA handheld Deal Or No Deal game. You see, Evan loves game shows. Last year, we would come home from preschool, have lunch, and then sit and watch Deal Or No Deal. He would then tell me all about the show, even though I just watched it with him. He still loves Deal Or No Deal, but now he’s in school when it’s on.

However- he has discovered the Price Is Right. A typical morning includes a 6 year old yelling ‘Nine! Nine!’ when they’re trying to guess the price of a car. I’m waiting for him to sit Daddy down and get prices on a wide variety of appliances, just so he could smirk at the TV and say ‘See? I towd you that fwidge cost $1799.’

jacketIn his new jacket, playing Deal Or No Deal.

05-02Just because it’s one of my favorite pictures, and I can’t believe that he’s actually SIX now.


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