Who Does He Think I Am?

2009-0903Cody has had issues with picking the right sort of friends to be friends with. We’ve had kids who are disrespectful to everyone over the age of 10 (does.not.fly in this house), we’ve had kids who have threatened to steal his bike, we’ve had kids who know more swear words than a sailor, friends who consider themselves to be too old to hang out with a 9 year old, and so on. But he’s reacquainted himself with a little boy his own age, who I have absolutely no problem with.

This little boy just happens to be homeschooled. Nice kid, I applaud the parents who realize that their child might not blossom in a public school setting, and I’m really glad that they aren’t trying to convince me that my boys would be happier, at home, with me being their teacher. More power to you homeschoolers out there, but I’d fail miserably as a teacher.

Cody has now decided that he might want to be homeschooled. He told me why his friend was homeschooled (typical 9 year old boy reasoning, not really important and unless I hear it from mom and dad, not believable), and then gave me THE LOOK. You know the one. Half puppy dog and half ‘if you don’t do this for me, I’ll need years of therapy.’

I didn’t buy it, of course. I think that Cody, being 9 years old and therefore thinking he knows it all, believes that homeschooled children have tons of free time to do nothing but play, and since Mom is teacher/principal/school board all rolled into one, he would be able to blow off homework. Because, ya know, I’m such a push over for the puppy dog/if i need therapy, it’s all your fault look.


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