He’s Got Crazy Eyes!

2009-0911If you haven’t figured it out by now, Evan, my little pint sized pastor who likes to show off his loose and/or missing teeth, is a character. If the camera comes out, he’s right there, grinning that grin of his with his tongue stuck out through the gap left by his missing tooth, and a funny pose. Or, if he’s eating a flour tortilla, he bites a hole in it and peeks out at me.

This is why we have like this one from may 2008:

evanondogYeah, he’s riding a boxer statue bareback.

Or this one, taken shortly after he stopped screaming and started realizing that the pool is a fun place to be and he had so many floatation devices attached to his body that his hair need never get wet:

evaninpoolBut maybe you are thinking that this is perfectly normal kid behavior, and that he’s not really a character. Are you sure about that?

Really sure?

evanonporchStill sure? The boys were playing nicely outside, and I came out to get a couple pictures of them actually behaving and enjoying themselves. When I raised the camera, Evan was standing nicely. When I pushed the button to take the picture, he went from standing nicely to ‘omg, I’m so cute, I can get away with posing! Like this!’

In all those pictures, we don’t have Cheesy Smile or Crazy Eyes. Cody and Dylan both went through a Cheesy Smile phase, but Evan, he skipped it. He’s always had relatively nice smiles, even if he’s grinning at you with his tongue stuck out between the gap left by a missing tooth. That really is his real smile (before anyone argues that his smile is ‘cheesy’).

Oh no, Evan didn’t do Cheesy Smile. He does, however, do Crazy Eyes.

evan2009Case in point. We got the boys’ school pictures back yesterday. Dylan’s are fine, his hair is just a little messy, but that’s ok. Cody’s are fine. He smiled. A real, honest to goodness smile. Evan?

Crazy Eyes. And tongue through gap in teeth, but again. CRAZY EYES.

My 5 year old son, my baby boy, looks like someone you would back away from, slowly, because you don’t know what they are capable of or might do.

Beware my boy, he’s got the Crazy Eyes.


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