YIP, Butter Pecan Syrup, and Steve!

Took the boys to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs last night. Good movie, we had fun, and the boys loved it. I liked the money (steve!). Dylan liked everything, and Evan? Evan liked the gummy bear fight scene.

Dylan is now a scientist. He has a notebook, which he has labeled ‘ciens Science’, with cepters (chapters) and everything. We had an experiment involving ice cubes and he has plans to invent an umbrella that you don’ t have to hold.

Before the movie, we went to Ihop for supper, and can I just say that I am in love (IN LOVE PEOPLE) with butter pecan syrup? There, said it. Now we can move on. (butter pecan syrup!)

I uploaded more YIP pictures today. There’s only two days missing- 9/9 because the three pictures that I took that day were nothing but blurs, and 9/22 because, well, I suck. *sigh* So- some of my favorites from this batch, using Pioneer Woman’s photo actions:

2009-0908Me. Notice the purple shirt, which is also in the photo from 9/13. New favorite shirt, can ya tell?

2009-0911Taken on 9/11. Because laughter is the best medicine.

2009-0916I don’t know why this is a favorite, maybe because it’s unusual?

2009-0919Documenting the weekend.

2009-0921“This thing you point at me, it does not dispense food.” Got a free sample of cat food in the mail the other day. You would have thought that I never feed my cat the way he devoured that sample of Fancy Feast.

Which might explain why I got another look like the one above when I filled his dish with dry Meow Mix…

And, finally…

2009-0923Snowball! He knew that I was watching him. What’s amazing, is that he knew this *even thought I was in the house, peeking out the window*.


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