Gnats And Snowball

There are lots of bugs that I’m not too fond of. Mosquitos. Flies, especially biting ones. Fleas. But the ones that are terrorizing me right now are GNATS.

Small, seemingly harmless bugs that have decided that hovering right outside my front door is the perfect place to be. Today’s goal, aside from cleaning the living room and taking the boys to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, is to figure out how to get them away from my front door so that I can walk into the house without a million and one gnats sticking to my hair.

The worst part is that I’ll think that I got them all out, only to have them fall out of my hair minutes later. They land on my body, and squick me out. Blech. Hate em.

There- that ends my PVM post for the week. I promise not to do this again (unless Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs fails to live up to my expectations).

There is a new neighbor in our neighborhood. I’ve named him Snowball, and he’s a white squirrel. Not albino white, but more of a golden cream color. Very pretty. And, apparently, very ellusive.

My goal is to get a picture of Snowball. He was just sitting outside my big picture window, and when I went to grab my camera, he ran off. I’m no longer going to leave the house without my camera, I am determined to get a picture of him!


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