Rides and Rain

hd10This weekend was Harvest Days, with flea market, craft fair, fried food (they had deep fried oreos. deep. fried. oreos. and I seriously considered getting some, but I behaved myself and didn’t. But not for any reason other than I was broke and couldn’t afford to spend $5 on oreo cookies that had been dipped in batter and fried), carnival rides, parades and other things that I’m just not all that interested in.

So- Harvest Days. Saw lots of interesting things, a really nice coffee table that I wish I had the money for, some quilt racks, and wooden bowls and vases… Lots of purses- apparently, the Miche (probably spelling that wrong, but oh well) is popular, and there was a Scentsy seller there, as well. I was tempted to spend the boys’ carnival money on a new bag, but I’m a good mom (and they’d tattle on me) so i didn’t.

I did get some good pictures of Dylan’s Quest To Give Mom A Heart Attack, though. It started with the ferris wheel. Now- I hate ferris wheels. They scare me. I will not get on one. Irrational fear? Hell yes. But still- I can see the ferris wheel coming loose, and rolling down the street, or i’d lean over too far and the seat will flip and i’m fall to my death… and I learned this weekend that that fear is 100 times worse when it’s your son on the ferris wheel.

hd03It gets worse when he starts peeking over the front of the car. See that little red blob at my feet? That’s my stomach. It not only dropped, it rocketed towards the ground and went *splat!* when I saw him peek over the front of the car.

hd02This view is much better.

After the ferris wheel, he moved on to other, tamer rides.

hd05The Wipeout.

hd06The Cliff Hanger.

hd08The Zero Gravity.

All this lead up to one thing:


The Edge. Looks pretty tame from here, right?

hd10Yeah, right.

There was more- Cody stuck to the bumper cars and the tilt a whirl. He’s my down to earth kid. Evan went on the slide and the cars and the dizzy dragon, but he loved it when Cody took him on the bumper cars and the tilt a whirl. Those two didn’t give me a heart attack like Mr Daredevil Dylan did.

Sunday was the parade. We went down early and got decent seats, so that we could watch the bassett hound waddle (hundreds of basset hounds at once, some in funny costumes or riding in decorated wagons- it’s really quite cool to watch) and then the parade.

shortly after the parade began, it started pouring. People left, but we stayed for the entire parade. Yeah, we were wet, but there are benefits to watching parades in the rain. The fewer kids, means that those who are there get more candy. The boys came home with gallon size ziploc bags full of candy.

hd13He may be wet, but he’s got candy!


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