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Saw this over on Luvinthemommyhood, thought it looked kinda interesting, and since I have no readers to speak of, figured that I’d be boring nobody…

Making : a purse for me and an apron. at least i have the fabric picked out for them.
Cooking : ham and potato salad for dinner.

Drinking : purple diet mountain dew, my new favorite drink

Reading: A Girl Named Zippy

Wanting: these shoes.

waiting for the leaves to turn color.
Playing: Aveyond: Gates Of Night

not sure. trying not to waste anything…
Sewing: apron and purse (yeah, same as ‘making’. sue me)

Wishing: mike was home.

Enjoying: the weather. beautiful!

Waiting: for mike to get home from new mexico.
Liking: having the entire bed to myself.

Wondering: why you would need to ride your bike around the block just to take the garbage out?

Loving: the quiet.

Hoping: the potatoes will peel themselves.
Marvelling: at how quickly time has flown by
Needing: a new winter coat.

Smelling: pumpkin spice candle. yummy!

Wearing: jeans and a tank top.

Following: nothing in particular

Noticing: how big cody has gotten

Knowing: we’ll be broke for harvest days. again.

how to get my kids to do their chores without disappearing.
Bookmarking: mafia wars on facebook. i’m addicted. 😀
Opening: a new can of purple diet mountain dew.
Giggling: got a new shirt, went to remove the spare button package from the shirt, only to find that someone had stolen the spare button. a plain, black, spare button. probably cost all of a penny, and they stole it.
Feeling: that feeling after the headache goes away, but it’s still hiding there.


About fallyn96

mother. queen of the house. likes sparkly stuff because sparkly stuff is boy repellent. especially if it's pink sparkly stuff. View all posts by fallyn96

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