Day Two

He’s in Arizona today, he’s gone shopping, and has seen ‘the thing’. He’s also doing guy stuff (I heard something about beer, which we all know is guy for ‘Mike’s Hard Lemonade’…. or is that just my husband?).

Let’s see- woke up tired, Mike called at 8am, while I’m trying to get the boys out the door, just to talk. Which was nice. I think last time he went, he called 3 times in the entire visit. So far, he’s called me six times, in two days.

Took boys to school, argued with Evan who felt that he was old enough to stay home alone (I think not). Cleaned kitchen. Dishes still not done. Told Evan at 9, 10, and 11 that no, it wasn’t time for school yet, yes I’m sure that the clock is right, and yes, I will let him know when it was time to leave. At 1145, when I tell him that it’s time to go, he answers with ‘Where?’

*shaking head in frustration*

Considered napping. Chose showering instead. Considered napping, discovered Mafia Wars on Facebook. Ignored Google Reader, got bored, checked out google reader, drooled over some really cool DIY crafty type projects (I am so making geoboards for nephew for Christmas).

Mike called, asked if he could buy the boys’ rattlesnake heads. I told him not to, which means that he’ll come home with them. Which means that I will be chased around the house with gross, disgusting dead, rattlesnake heads.

And Mike will be the one holding them (so he’s already earned himself one night of self love, because dude ain’t gettin it from me).

Picked kids up from school, Cody rushed through his work and his chores, and then got all offended because I don’t want him playing at friends’ houses on school nights, which he ignored.

After homework, there’s dinner, Simpsons, President’s speech, and part of my beauty routine, which was met with (I kid you not), Cody running from the bathroom to his brothers’ room, telling them that Mommy was turning into the Incredible Hulk.

I’ll leave you with that image.


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