Day One

Sidenote because it just occurred to me: I need cool code names for the family. Pioneer Woman has her Marlboro Man. Aunt Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka has The Daver. Mike needs a name. And no, no it can’t be ‘asshat’, because I really do adore him, and quite honestly, calling him ‘asshat’ for the rest of my blogging life just doesn’t appeal. I really should have thought this through before starting the blog.

And now for your regularly scheduled post.

Day One of Mike’s vacation.

Let’s recap. Mike is off doing guy stuff in New Mexico. I’m in Illinois doing mom stuff with the boys.

So far: Dylan’s cried because he couldn’t go with Evan to drop Mike off at the airport.

Cody thought that I left him when he got home and I wasn’t here, because Dylan couldn’t hurry his butt up and decide which candy bar he wanted.

Dylan and Evan put together a rubber band cord, out of multiple rubber bands, wrapped it around Evan’s head, and then Dylan snapped the rubber band cord across Evan’s eyes (this is where I started wondering how much it would cost to ship three boys to New Mexico).

As for me, I’ve done laundry, drove 20 miles each way to pay a loan, hit the dollar store and the local grocery store, picked up the living room and hallway, wrote two blog entries, edited some pictures, played on Facebook, helped three boys with homework and spelling words. I’ve talked to my mom, all about Jon and Kate, The View, Oprah, and a variety of other things. evanalaska

But how can I look at this face and be mad?

*sigh* One week and Mike will be home…


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