The Picture From Hell aka That Bitchy Post

Mike is gone. He is in New Mexico. I’m in Illinois. He’s in New Mexico, with his friend Ed, doing guy things. I’m in Illinois, with our three boys, doing mom things.


Not only is he in New Mexico, with his friend Ed, doing guy things, he’s in New Mexico, with Ed, doing guy things, WITH MY GOOD CAMERA.

Double asshat.

I was going to post the pictures from the last few days, since I had to take them off the camera that is now in New Mexico (say it with me folks: asshat), but since Mike, who is in New Mexico, doing guy things with his friend Ed, with my good camera, leaving me with my video camera that takes crappy still pictures, and he waited until this morning to inform me that I have to pick him up from airport on Tuesday, and who just caused me to lose my train of thought because he dropped that last little bombshell AFTER I asked him who was picking him up (ASSHAT), I’ve decided that I have a much better punishment than calling him asshat for an entire blog post and not speaking to him or making him do his own laundry and feed himself when he comes back.

We shall call this The Blog Pictures From Hell.

mike01Go ahead. Take it all in. My asshat husband, in all his glory.

Ya know, after posting that one picture, I feel so much better.

This last one is just for fun, and it’s not even Mike. It’s my dad. And his twin.



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