My Favorites From The Latest Batch of YIP Pictures

I almost gave myself a heart attack earlier today, and it was over the most trivial, unimportant thing that you can possibly think of.

Where I put the pictures from August 21st through August 24th for the YIP page up top.

Yep- I freaked out because I thought that I had screwed up this project, without even realizing that I had screwed it up. Seriously, for the very first time ever, I could see how someone could forget taking their daily birth control pill, and then forget that they forgot.

And then I found those pictures and all was well.

2009-0826For the week before he actually lost that tooth, Evan made sure that the loose tooth was in every picture of him. I have about 15 pictures of him smiling like this, followed by 15 more of him with a gaping hole where the tooth used to be. And to make matters worse, he has yet another loose tooth…

2009-0827I keep taking pictures of food. Kabobs, blueberry muffins, homemade hashbrowns…


I was taking some full body shots for before pictures (in case I ever have after pictures), and decided to take a self portrait. I rather like this self portrait. Kinda fitting, considering the project.


My favorite thing about my cat is his bright green eyes. I also love how muscular he is- when you hold him, he’s solid. And cuddly. And he’s stealthy. Look for a post on Monkey’s ninja skills soon.

Check out the rest of the pictures here.

This project has given me another idea- a day in pictures. Wonder if I could do it?


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