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I found a new to me online knitting magazine that I have decided is really quite awesome. Popknits posted a preview of their fall/winter issue, and I am in love. Yep. In. Love.

Popknits: Preview: Issue #05: Fall/Winter 2009.

I love the cabled beret and can’t wait to make it. And the cabled men’s scarf- looks so warm and cozy.

And then today, I stumble across this site:

Wardrobe Refashion

Which is just awesome and cool and asking for trouble. I have these grandiose ideas that I’m this wonderful seamstress. I’m looking at these cute refashions involving old jeans and fabric. And I just thought to myself ‘I have old capris that i love. I have a yard of hot pink fabric. Wouldn’t those look cute together?’

Um, not on a 31 year old chubby (*snort*) body. But the thought is there, and I’ll be checking out fabrics for the perfect ’31 year old mom with a body that proves it’ fabric for the skirt part.


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