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Sunday Morning Bible Verses

2009-0911Our Sunday School likes to children to learn bible verses. They encourage them to learn verses by giving them a reward each Sunday that they not only learn one, but share it with the Sunday School during opening.

Evan has been attending Sunday School since he was three, which is- coincidentally- when they started this nifty little learning tool. My mom goes to Sunday School with the boys, and tells me all about Evan’s ‘bible verses’.

Evan didn’t learn verses his first year in Sunday School. He was shy, and speaking into the microphone would have paralyzed him.

But the second year… When every single Sunday, he’d stand up, and shout say into the microphone, ‘GOD IS LOVE’ or ‘JESUS LOVES ME’

Yes, honey. Jesus does love you. But that is not a bible verse. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting pins. And helping him learn a new one wasn’t helping, he’d learn it, parrot it back just fine, and then every Sunday morning, he’d inform the entire Sunday School that Jesus loves him.

Last year was even better. Evan gave sermons. Long sermons. There might be a bible verse in there somewhere, and when there was, he got a pin (he had the most memory verse pins for the 3 and 4 year old class, by far). But when the pastor has to take the microphone away from him because he’s giving a sermon… well, no wonder my neck aches from all the head shaking.

This year, we are determined that it will be different. He will learn verses! He will have a new verse every single week! He won’t stand up there and give a sermon on them!

Cody needed to learn a verse. He had an ‘incident’ at school, and I wasn’t happy about it. Explaining that it was bad wasn’t good enough (never is with him), so I needed a reason. Of course, I went to the bible and found this lovely verse:

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Matthew 7:18

Aha! It’s perfect! Behave well, you get good rewards. Behave badly, you get bad rewards. (It might not be the right reason, but for a 9 year old who was caught behaving badly, it works.) Taught it to him. Made him memorize it. He wasn’t perfect (can’t instead of cannot and grow instead of bear), but luckily, the Sunday School is ok with paraphrasing. Cody learned that verse. So did Evan.

When it came time to share our weekly verses, Evan’s little hand shot up in the air. They waited until everyone else had said their verses (which is good- you never know what you’re going to get with Evan, be it a bible verse or a pint sized sermon on why we should love Jesus, since Jesus loves us) and then Evan got up and shouted said ‘A GOOD TWEE CAN’T GWOW BAD FWUIT. A BAD TWEE CAN’T GWOW GOOD FWUIT.’ And then, the best part.

‘MAT YOU 7 18!’

I wonder if there was cheering. Surely, a standing ovation. Because Evan not only got it right, it’s something new, and does not have God, Jesus, or love in it.



Monkey’s Super Secret Ninja Skills

monkeybath01I was so not ready for morning yesterday. I woke up at twenty after seven (the alarm went off at 630am, so we’re talking FIFTY MINUTES of me hitting ‘snooze’ on the alarm clock), and was completely worthless until a Grey’s Anatomy came on.

I’ve decided that I need more coffee.

So, you can imagine how I was feeling first thing in the morning. So out of it that I didn’t know my own name, and let’s face it folks- that’s only fun when you’ve been drinking. I woke up, and did what I do every single morning.

I walked to the kitchen, stared at the sun coming up out the kitchen window, and realized one thing.

I need to pee.

I don’t know why I do this, but I’ve noticed that it’s an every day occurance. Which is odd, because I know that I have to pee when I get up and I know where the bathroom is, but I still walk all the way out to the kitchen before Brain realizes that Bladder is shreiking ‘EMPTY ME NOW, PLEASE, THANK YOU, BYE.’ Again- you see the state of mind that I was in yesterday morning.

I turn around, and head for the bathroom, beating Mike to it (that’s what you get for scaring the crap out of me, payback’s a bitch and so am I). I’m in the bathroom, doing my thing, making Mike wait, and I go to wash my face and notice, in the mirror, the black blob on the towel rack behind me.

I almost scream, and then I realize that the only black furry thing that lives in the house is Monkey, Ninja Cat. And, most certainly, the black blob is my cat.

monkeyinbathroomYes, that is a cat. And yes, he’s really that dark in real life, except he’s not. You are looking at a black on black STRIPED cat. Yes, my cat, he is stripey.

He’s also a Ninja cat, which I love about him. There have been numerous nights that he’s scared the crap out of me, simply by meowing in the dark. Being black, you can’t see him in the dark.

monkeyinbagSometimes, he’s quite normal. He likes to play in bags. Too bad those bags are canvas and not paper…

monkeyoncouchHe’s a firm believer in keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.

monkeyondoorAnd like a ninja (and most cats), he’s very agile. He likes to climb our screen door, and sometimes, he climbs *over* the top of the door when you open it, which makes it impossible to close the door.

blurrymonkeyLike all cats, he’s also curious.

2009-0921But if his curiosity doesn’t lead him to what he wants (in this case, it was determining whether or not the camera dispensed food. Notice the look he’s giving me. Yeah- he’s not pleased that camera doesn’t give him food).

monkeywindowHe’s also not pleased that I’m telling you all about his Super Secret Ninja Skills.

Note to self: lock bedroom door tonight.

YIP, Butter Pecan Syrup, and Steve!

Took the boys to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs last night. Good movie, we had fun, and the boys loved it. I liked the money (steve!). Dylan liked everything, and Evan? Evan liked the gummy bear fight scene.

Dylan is now a scientist. He has a notebook, which he has labeled ‘ciens Science’, with cepters (chapters) and everything. We had an experiment involving ice cubes and he has plans to invent an umbrella that you don’ t have to hold.

Before the movie, we went to Ihop for supper, and can I just say that I am in love (IN LOVE PEOPLE) with butter pecan syrup? There, said it. Now we can move on. (butter pecan syrup!)

I uploaded more YIP pictures today. There’s only two days missing- 9/9 because the three pictures that I took that day were nothing but blurs, and 9/22 because, well, I suck. *sigh* So- some of my favorites from this batch, using Pioneer Woman’s photo actions:

2009-0908Me. Notice the purple shirt, which is also in the photo from 9/13. New favorite shirt, can ya tell?

2009-0911Taken on 9/11. Because laughter is the best medicine.

2009-0916I don’t know why this is a favorite, maybe because it’s unusual?

2009-0919Documenting the weekend.

2009-0921“This thing you point at me, it does not dispense food.” Got a free sample of cat food in the mail the other day. You would have thought that I never feed my cat the way he devoured that sample of Fancy Feast.

Which might explain why I got another look like the one above when I filled his dish with dry Meow Mix…

And, finally…

2009-0923Snowball! He knew that I was watching him. What’s amazing, is that he knew this *even thought I was in the house, peeking out the window*.

Gnats And Snowball

There are lots of bugs that I’m not too fond of. Mosquitos. Flies, especially biting ones. Fleas. But the ones that are terrorizing me right now are GNATS.

Small, seemingly harmless bugs that have decided that hovering right outside my front door is the perfect place to be. Today’s goal, aside from cleaning the living room and taking the boys to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, is to figure out how to get them away from my front door so that I can walk into the house without a million and one gnats sticking to my hair.

The worst part is that I’ll think that I got them all out, only to have them fall out of my hair minutes later. They land on my body, and squick me out. Blech. Hate em.

There- that ends my PVM post for the week. I promise not to do this again (unless Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs fails to live up to my expectations).

There is a new neighbor in our neighborhood. I’ve named him Snowball, and he’s a white squirrel. Not albino white, but more of a golden cream color. Very pretty. And, apparently, very ellusive.

My goal is to get a picture of Snowball. He was just sitting outside my big picture window, and when I went to grab my camera, he ran off. I’m no longer going to leave the house without my camera, I am determined to get a picture of him!

Rides and Rain

hd10This weekend was Harvest Days, with flea market, craft fair, fried food (they had deep fried oreos. deep. fried. oreos. and I seriously considered getting some, but I behaved myself and didn’t. But not for any reason other than I was broke and couldn’t afford to spend $5 on oreo cookies that had been dipped in batter and fried), carnival rides, parades and other things that I’m just not all that interested in.

So- Harvest Days. Saw lots of interesting things, a really nice coffee table that I wish I had the money for, some quilt racks, and wooden bowls and vases… Lots of purses- apparently, the Miche (probably spelling that wrong, but oh well) is popular, and there was a Scentsy seller there, as well. I was tempted to spend the boys’ carnival money on a new bag, but I’m a good mom (and they’d tattle on me) so i didn’t.

I did get some good pictures of Dylan’s Quest To Give Mom A Heart Attack, though. It started with the ferris wheel. Now- I hate ferris wheels. They scare me. I will not get on one. Irrational fear? Hell yes. But still- I can see the ferris wheel coming loose, and rolling down the street, or i’d lean over too far and the seat will flip and i’m fall to my death… and I learned this weekend that that fear is 100 times worse when it’s your son on the ferris wheel.

hd03It gets worse when he starts peeking over the front of the car. See that little red blob at my feet? That’s my stomach. It not only dropped, it rocketed towards the ground and went *splat!* when I saw him peek over the front of the car.

hd02This view is much better.

After the ferris wheel, he moved on to other, tamer rides.

hd05The Wipeout.

hd06The Cliff Hanger.

hd08The Zero Gravity.

All this lead up to one thing:


The Edge. Looks pretty tame from here, right?

hd10Yeah, right.

There was more- Cody stuck to the bumper cars and the tilt a whirl. He’s my down to earth kid. Evan went on the slide and the cars and the dizzy dragon, but he loved it when Cody took him on the bumper cars and the tilt a whirl. Those two didn’t give me a heart attack like Mr Daredevil Dylan did.

Sunday was the parade. We went down early and got decent seats, so that we could watch the bassett hound waddle (hundreds of basset hounds at once, some in funny costumes or riding in decorated wagons- it’s really quite cool to watch) and then the parade.

shortly after the parade began, it started pouring. People left, but we stayed for the entire parade. Yeah, we were wet, but there are benefits to watching parades in the rain. The fewer kids, means that those who are there get more candy. The boys came home with gallon size ziploc bags full of candy.

hd13He may be wet, but he’s got candy!

And My StyleScope Is…

Tracey, you are an Earthy Casual

You’re interested in creating a welcoming home where people feel comfortable and happiness flourishes. You appreciate the warmth and individuality of natural materials and handcrafted things and are inspired by colors and forms from nature. You love mixing up different textures and are sensitive to the tactile qualities of objects. Your style is grounded and solid, not flighty or frilly. And you are never taken in by the trend of the moment.

You value comfort. Your home is a warm and open friendly place, and you feel happiest when everyone is cared for and relaxed in your space. Elements like pillows, throws, overstuffed furniture, and good lighting set the mood. You may also enjoy layering different fabrics or mixing patterns to create a cozy effect.

Wow- this is pretty darn close to what I feel. Now, if only I had a home that looked like that. *sigh* My design challenge is organization (got that right, lol), my happy place is someplace cozy, with lots of pillows. I notice how homes smell, so it told me to stock up on my favorite scented candles (get ready Mike, I will be stocking up on those pumpkin spice scented candles that I found).

My happy home colors are yellows and oranges. I kinda agree, but I like them paired with bright blues, like turquoise and aqua.

I wonder if I can get Mike to take this quiz?

Want to know your stylescope? Check it out here!

About Me

Saw this over on Luvinthemommyhood, thought it looked kinda interesting, and since I have no readers to speak of, figured that I’d be boring nobody…

Making : a purse for me and an apron. at least i have the fabric picked out for them.
Cooking : ham and potato salad for dinner.

Drinking : purple diet mountain dew, my new favorite drink

Reading: A Girl Named Zippy

Wanting: these shoes.

waiting for the leaves to turn color.
Playing: Aveyond: Gates Of Night

not sure. trying not to waste anything…
Sewing: apron and purse (yeah, same as ‘making’. sue me)

Wishing: mike was home.

Enjoying: the weather. beautiful!

Waiting: for mike to get home from new mexico.
Liking: having the entire bed to myself.

Wondering: why you would need to ride your bike around the block just to take the garbage out?

Loving: the quiet.

Hoping: the potatoes will peel themselves.
Marvelling: at how quickly time has flown by
Needing: a new winter coat.

Smelling: pumpkin spice candle. yummy!

Wearing: jeans and a tank top.

Following: nothing in particular

Noticing: how big cody has gotten

Knowing: we’ll be broke for harvest days. again.

how to get my kids to do their chores without disappearing.
Bookmarking: mafia wars on facebook. i’m addicted. 😀
Opening: a new can of purple diet mountain dew.
Giggling: got a new shirt, went to remove the spare button package from the shirt, only to find that someone had stolen the spare button. a plain, black, spare button. probably cost all of a penny, and they stole it.
Feeling: that feeling after the headache goes away, but it’s still hiding there.