A Year In Pictures

I added a new page, something that i thought would be kinda fun for me to do. The goal is to take one picture a day for an entire year. I started this 10 days ago, and finally go around to posting some of the pictures. Some are quirky, some are cool, and only one wasn’t actually taken by me, but rest assured, I did take a picture that day, it just wasn’t as cool as this one.

2009-0819Mike took this one, to show the guys are work just how big the windmills on the wind farms are. They’re building a wind farm near my parents’ house, about 10 miles away from where I live.

2009-0817I took this one, but I love the shadows in it.

2009-0812These were just yummy. Pork, onion, mushroom, peppers and whatever seasonings Mike put on them. They were made on the fly, and turned out so, so good.


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